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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The BOMT pink vinyl is nowhere to be found online for under $1000. The reach.
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  2. Still stunned by this. Such a masterpiece. I’ve always wondered if we know anything about the thought process behind using this song. It seemed so random at the time.
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  3. Ugh, such a shame we never got a DVD for the Circus Tour. That and Dream Within a Dream will forever be her best tours for me.
  4. I’m trying to decide which is my favourite song from In The Zone and Ive narrowed to either Breathe On Me or Early Mornin’. Having them back to back with fucking Toxic coming after showed how much Brit didn’t let the other girls breathe back then.
  5. Do we know what this is based on? Because I’ve just done a quick Wikipedia calculation and Kylie’s done over 400 shows this century. Just wondered if there’s a certain thing that they haven’t factored in?
  6. I’m assuming the difference is likely festivals and events like Pride celebrations where entry or tickets are not exclusively hers.
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  7. So a fan discovered that Britney made a lowkey cameo on Amazon's 2017 edition of a show called All Or Nothing, which I guess is about college football or something like that. Anyway she went to see a game of her sons which was taped for the show.

    Video without her kids here - she looks sensational.
  8. Accompanying career bests Touch Of My Hand and Everytime are not here for this erasure.

    Think I've been here before

    I've turned some hearts into stone
    And I can't hide it no more...

  10. The fact that Glory has kept us going for almost 4 years....An album. Still regularly bop to this:

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  11. Still baffled to how Slumber Party didn't smash. Are people really that deaf?
  12. It would've helped if it had been sent to radio in September when the album was new, well received, and Make Me was a modest success to lead into it. Waiting till the album was dead, waiting till a week before the Christmas radio freeze to release it, and no promotion besides the video pretty much spelled "flop" out from the get-go.
  13. Yup. Very true and very sad. The real question is that why didn' theyt bother with a third single in early 2017 after she'd done all the radio festivals in December. UGH.
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  14. Thinking about all of these... an era that started somehow promising ended up being a mess!
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  15. Still remember the exact moment I logged in Facebook after a class and the first thing on my timeline was her announcing the “Slumber Party” remix with Tinashe. My favorite artist of all time collaborating with one of my favorite upcoming artists. The feels... what a moment.
  16. I still find it hilarious that some Tik Tok challenge has kept Criminal in Britney's top 10 on Spotify for months now. The fact that it has 20M streams more than Hold It Against Me is a scream.

    If U Seek Amy also just knocked Slave 4 U out her current top 10. The album Circus actually has more songs in her top 10 (Womanizer #4, Circus #7, and IUSA #10) than any of her other albums.
  17. I can never get over how much If U Seek Amy always goes off live every single time. People live for it and know every word of that song more than so many others.
  18. If only it actually got decent live performances...

    It was fun at Circus. In Vegas was a fucking mess, but the audience did indeed go off for it. It's definitely one of those songs that's always felt like a bigger hit than it really was. I think because Circus was an album that everyone either owned or downloaded, so everyone knew the song even if it didn't smash on radio.
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  19. It peaked at #8 on Top 40 radio. Thats a smash on radio for Britney.
  20. Oh wow, for some reason I thought it basically crashed on radio in the US once the If U See Amy edit was sent out. That's a lot better than I remembered it doing.
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