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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Her run of singles from Womanizer - Work Bitch did really well on US radio. Better than I think maybe they get credit for. Of her singles in that time period only Radar truly bombed.
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  2. 2008 - 2013 was Britney's first radio imperial phase. A slew of top10s, incredibly radio friendly and current material, it all felt a bit effortless for some time. Shame how that momentum stopped with Work Bitch Work and was basically destroyed after Pretty Girls in 2015.
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  3. Even for Glory, didn’t the big stations kind of give Make Me a chance, bringing it to Top 20 on pop? It also had a huge sales gain after the VMAs and hit a new peak on Spotify, if I remember correctly.

    Britney was an artist 20 years into her career, but her commercial performance didn’t exactly spell out “There’s no reason to invest in this artist anymore.” It just showed the brand needed a bit of rejigging.

    What comes to mind is the months of steady content Dua had to shell out to turn Don’t Start Now into the smash it is today. They could’ve kept going, shooting another video giving it more promo, but they just left it for dead instead of trying.
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  4. I think she could have maintained her radio presence if they quickly followed up Work Bitch with a radio-friendly song. She was riding so high from the Femme Fatale singles smashing on radio + Scream & Shout being a huge hit. But given the dumpster fire of material that was on Bojack Jizzcup, that just wasn't gonna happen.

    It's impressive that Make Me did as well as it did given not only everything that came before, but also the awful rollout of the single. It showed that people really were still interested in Britney and willing to pay attention to her work... but her team just didn't do what they needed to do to properly keep the momentum going.
  5. RCA is equally to blame for Glory. There was no reason for the long delay on the 2nd single. No reason. I know once the reason given was they were trying to find someone to feature on Slumber Party but they weren't even asking names that would help it so thats... moot. Slumber Party was a gift to fans - a nice video with someone they knew her fans bugged her on twitter about. I fully believe by the time they finally got around to shooting the video for it they knew were done with the era completely. Goldsoundz said back then that iHeartRadio people responded very positively to Just Luv Me. If thats what radio people were telling them to release they should have released that - and thats on RCA. Larry Rudolph doesn't pick her singles.

    I've always said they should have had Max and Shellback send over the My Everything album a handful of songs and they should have released a new album in fall 2014. They wasted too much time and then came back with dated on arrival song and collab in Pretty Girls.
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  6. They should’ve sent a remix of Now That I Found A Smash with Britney actually singing all of it this time.
  7. I'm genuinely so glad we didn't get any more singles off Britney Jean. I do believe that It Should Be Easy probably could've have been a decent sized hit because it was radio friendly, she and Will were just off a previous hit together, and the EDM drop thing was becoming dated but wasn't dated enough to not get airplay.

    But we're all much better off that we aren't subjected to its appearance on residency setlists and Essential playlists.
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  8. I was thinking there’s a good pop song in It Should Be Easy somewhere because it has some good production, but it’s so blatantly not Britney singing at some parts that she would’ve been dragged even more had it become a hit. She was already getting dragged for the “Alien” leak.
  9. "Til It's Gone" should've been a single off Britney Jean. Point, blank, period.
  10. It Should Be Easy is one of the worst songs in her entire catalogue. People would have ridiculed her for those microwave phoned-in vocals and for good reason. The only songs that would have had a chance at being hits are Till It’s Gone, Now That I’ve Found You and Tik Tik Boom.

    Although I still believe they should have released a single mix of Alien as it’s one of the few bright spots of that entire project and a song that clearly means a lot to Britney personally. And if we go by I Am Britney Jean that seemed to be the plan originally too.
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  11. Does Britney even sing a single note on that song? To this day, it’s one of three songs on Britney Jean where I can’t even hear a trace of Britney.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. They should've pushed Tom's Diner over Pretty Girls. It would've been a cute hit and would've paved the way nicely into Glory. Hopping onto another feature (Me, Myself, and I) would've been a great reintroduction to radio and Make Me would've fared better / the G-Easy feature would've felt even more organic.
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  14. This needs to become the most liked post on Instagram ever.

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  15. I think the leaked live vocals of Alien nixed any chance of that, really.
  16. Remember when that 'demo' of her singing Alien without autotune leaked and the press interest/ridicule caused a surge in download sales of the song, enough for it to chart? Legends only.
  17. The Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt podcast that @andru posted in her thread has them confirming that all the Cathy Dennis songs (Look How I'm Doing, Turn Ya Head, Fanatic, Blackout) were all written for and offered to Britney and they passed on them. Not surprising at all, but interesting.
  18. Also, that Turn Your Head was (allegedly) something Cathy herself thought could be the next Toxic for Britney. I feel like that's probably something of a throwaway comment that has become exaggerated over time though, haha.

    There was some discussion about Dramatic - nothing too exciting, and it seems we're right to assume the song was given to her by the producer, but it appears Heidi really expected it to be a duet but Britney's label intervened. According to Heidi and Spencer the label didn't like it because it included the word "fuck", and was probably about Kevin... (rather than it being an unauthorised use of Britney's voice which is more likely the reason they intervened).

    Here's the podcast episode:
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  19. I believe the leak happened sometime in the summer of 2014, so it couldn't have affected plans for single release at the start of the year.
  20. Yeah it’s 100% Myah which is disappointing as it’s one of the better songs on the album. Would love to hear Britney on it!
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