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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. What a BANGER.
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  2. Boom Boom is that dirty country bop. I could see it doing really well as a single back in 2004 too.
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  3. The Way InTheZoneney could just flawlessly execute choreography, exhibit stage presence and charisma for days and generally murder a performance whilst looking like it was just another day at the office will never not be iconic.
  4. butWOWwhatamoment.gif

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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. "Body Language" from Heidi, without the dumb Spencer rap and that Yaz sample is actually a great pop song.
  7. I would probably stan Britney Jean if it had been Heidi Blair
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  8. What a look. I always wish the special itself was longer considering they had so much BTS footage.
  9. ITZ Special is truly a career highlight. I also love the mini NYC club tour she went on. Makes me sad it doesn’t exist anymore.
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  10. The promo for the In The Zone era is unmatched. The ABC special, the MTV nightclub special, the TRL outdoor concert, Sbarro...perfection.

  11. As much as fans like to hate on it, the Diane Sawyer interview was a big part of the era too and it is a genuinely good interview. The crying part doesn't bother me - Diane was asking her about having a really challenging year and she got emotional and she handled it well. The part I cringe at is when Britney describes masturbating as "sacred" (a favorite word of hers then) and Diane raises her eyebrows and goes "sacred?". It's just one of those moments that makes me kind of grimace.
  12. The hype, hysteria and general promo blitz around the In The Zone release was such an exciting time. Interviews, specials, performances and magazine covers...she was everywhere and keeping us fed. She can't have gotten much sleep during that time but she handled it like a pro.

    Also, has she ever been on better form than this on a chat show?

    One of my favourite ever appearances by her. I especially love when she talks about the infamous Diane Sawyer interview: "She's a little hardcore. She's very good at like 'I'm your friend, I'm gonna be so nice to you' and then SHE GRILLS YOU! Big time, and you're like OKAAAAAY, enough already! But anyways, she's a cool lady...."
  13. Shame that Jimmy would go on to be the talk show host most mean spirited towards her.
  14. One of my top5 all-time favourite Britney performances right there.
  15. Unmatched.
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  17. I really didn’t appreciate the ITZ era during its time. I watch all the interviews, performances and general promo she did back now and it truly was a blockbuster era only befitting of a superstar.
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  18. Blackout the song was written years ago with Taylor Momsen so I doubt it was offered to Britney.
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  19. Jive didn't want to release Do Somethin', Britney had to push for it.
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