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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. In the podcast they said she was lying about that, that Cathy Dennis wrote the whole song pretty much herself.
  2. I wonder if Jimmy tried to sleep with her once or something and she rejected him. Like I don’t understand the vitriol that still comes from him.
  3. That's probably my favourite talk show appearance as well. She was on fire there. No signs of nerves or shyness at all.

    So many great stuff:

    - Her entrance
    - "Yes, I OD'ed again!"
    - When she kicks her leg in the air
    - Her sexy ponytail. I love it when she has her hair like that

    And all those magazine covers she was on. Crazy. The Q one must be one of her best ever. Esquire and W were later, right? W was amazing. Esquire maybe not that much, looking back...

    Such an incredible time to be a fan. And quite weird looking back at it because after that it would never be the same again.
  4. W was actually sort of pre -In the Zone. It was summer 03. Esquire would have been out during the Kimmel interview, they probably just couldn't show it on tv.
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  5. "So you did not overdose, for the record?"
    "No, I didn't, I'm...working".

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  6. Looks like she was (or is?) in Louisiana fairly recently. Hard to tell by Britney's own instagram. Kids Jamie Lynn's youngest age grow fast and she looks about the same there as she does in the video she posted a couple days ago. Anyway, the house is the one Britney grew up in (and the family still owns, clearly). Laura Lynne commented on the post (Britney doesn't follow her). Was kind of a nice trip down memory lane, as long time fans will remember this house from the first RollingStone shoot (the cover framed and hanging up in one of the bedrooms).
  7. I think she recorded this video in the Kentwood house too...

    Fun Easter egg...

  8. Remember when Britney invented phone sex? Whew.

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  9. Apparently an unreleased Glory track is making the rounds
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  10. Any more details?
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  11. I think that was just a stupid Twitter 'prank'.
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  12. This may actually be the straw that breaks the camels back for me
  13. Queen of redoing her 2 day old posts
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  14. I think this insta video is the most we've ever got to see of their family home overall, isn't it? It certainly is for me. Kinda weird to get my head around it, to finally put a proper face to the name of this home we've always known so much about and where history was basically made. It's actually a bit bigger inside than I had imagined it being and what I thought they could afford based on what we've heard about their relatively modest finances.

    The little nods to Britney's success and achievements are quite funny, although (certification discs and awards aside) they look more like a teenage fan's posters and pictures of Britney than the home of the star herself.
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  15. Britney Montana was so cute here. Also, vocals on point!

  16. Okay but Britney should have snatched this instead of Gasoline from Bonnie for Femme Fatale.

  17. Third time lucky!

  18. Most has been said about In The Zone, but I actually look at the Glory era as the best era as a fan since Circus. We mention how it could’ve been so much more but misfires aside, it was the most ‘Britney’ era we’ve gotten in the decade. An era she was willing to put herself out there again. Great music, some fun interviews, a couple of good performances, some really great magazine shoots, she looked absolutely gorgeous... we really weren’t fed as much in a decade.

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  19. Gasoline? One of the best songs of the decade? I think you mean this could’ve replaced Big Fat Bass. (But this song is trash too, so I think I’ll keep Big Fat Bass)
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  20. 2020 would bring back the Siri Jean collaborators.

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