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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Why do fans have to go and dig up what's already been dead and buried. Leave it ALONE.
  2. This is gorgeous. Like a little time capsule frozen in time.
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  3. I’ve been on a massive, uncontrollable, can’t-stop-listening Britney hype the last few weeks. I’ve smashed my way through her entire discography and back over and over again, completely renewing my love and appreciation for her.

    It’s been particularly nice to read some of the In The Zone love on the last few pages. When all is said and done, that is probably my favourite Britney album (although Blackout would probably try and put up a fight). But I mean her entire discography (well, most of it) is pop perfection delivered with absolute precision and finesse.

    The woman is a legend. The world needs a reminder.
  4. ITZ, Blackout, and Glory stand clearly as confident labours of love in my eyes.

    There's Britney charm in even her most robotic, dissociated, phoned-in vocal performances throughout her discography (not counting a certain forgotten mixtape), but after years of distance from their release, the aforementioned three remain highlights.

    That said, each of her records has at least one song in my all-time Britney top 10.

    Baby... - Sometimes
    Oops! - Oops!
    Britney - Overprotected (aka the best song of all time) / Bombastic Love
    ITZ - The Hook Up
    Blackout - Piece of Me
    Circus - Amnesia / Circus pre-chorus
    Singles Collection - 3
    FF - TTWE usually, but it's been Gasoline lately.
    BJ - Godney Ache
    Glory - If I'm Dancing (with Jesus) / Mood Ring
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  5. Well this is a choice.
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  7. Both Overprotected and Bombastic Love are excellent.
  8. ... Baby One More Time - (You Drive Me) Crazy
    Oops! I Did It Again - I love Oops, Stronger & Lucky equally. Tour de force singles.
    Britney - Overprotected
    In The Zone - Touch Of My Hand
    Blackout - Toy Soldier
    Circus - Circus
    Femme Fatale - Trip To Your Heart
    Britney Jean - Alien
    Glory - Do You Wanna Come Over?
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  9. Body Ache has one of the funniest/most embarrassing moments in pop music history when you can literally hear the vocals switch from Britney to Myah. I'm genuinely not sure how anyone could continue listening to that song.
  10. During this quarantine I subjected myself to listening to an episode of Bradley Stern and T.Kyle's non-Britney podcast and they were talking about wanting to get Myah on it. If they're really as big a Britney fan as they each say they are why would they do that? Let that horrible chapter die and don't bring it more notoriety.
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  11. Aw nice to see Robert showing Brit some love.

  12. The gag is that I think both verses are Myah but the vocal production on the album is so amateur they couldn't even make Myah sound like herself.
  13. Every time I hear the chorus for Body Ache I just hear the Love Island theme and it drives me mad ddddd
  14. Yet Bradley throws a fit every time fans question his antics he’s so dumb
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  15. 72CF20E3-EBC1-4ABD-9B5D-9FA1F9754462.jpeg
    A friend just sent me these, they’re from the Britney album photoshoot. The two in the middle are gorgeous.
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  16. I always wondered these photos would look like without the blue filter.
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  17. I know this performance came up a few pages back but it just popped up on my recommended youtube and I watched again:

    I mean.... it really is so poorly choreographed and, as one of the top comments points out, she really needs to stop with the goofy faces. If U Seek Amy is a goofy song, so here it works to an extent, but she does it during a lot of songs now. She used to work the appropriate attitude for a song. Now she mostly makes exaggerated goofy faces no matter what song it is. The bad choreography, lip syncing, and exaggerated faces really does make this look like a talent show performance and not a major gig from an iconic performer.

    As for the blatant lip syncing, it truly is distracting that she's singing along to the exact album cut, but after re-watching bits of Live From Las Vegas, she was never great at hiding the lip syncing. I mean she would lip the spoken intro to Slave 4 U!

    Let me add - some of the costumes for the Apple Music Festival/this period of Piece of Me look vaguely like actual costumes. So well done to her in fall 2016.
  18. I don't agree. The dancing itself may not be particularly hard, but the way they've choreographed the whole thing is very well-done and theatrical and feels more like a scene from a musical rather than just a concert performance.

    I also find Britney's campy attitude works for the song, because it really is a ridiculous song masquerading as a sexy one, there isn't a way to perform it live without being tongue-in-cheek. The dancers are totally hamming it up as too as it's supposed to be a vaudeville homage.

    She served sass and fierceness on numbers like Work Bitch, Slave, Gimme More and Breathe On Me, If U Seek Amy doesn't lend itself to that vibe, in my opinion. I dunno I always liked the performance, and it got a great reception whenever I saw it live.
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  19. Yea, this is awful. It's just a bunch of standing around and hamming it up. The choreo isn't even fun, it's just goofy. It feels like it was thrown together by a couple of 7th graders during their recess break.

    As for the lipping... it has never been more blatant than it was during Piece if Me. From the CD vocals to Britney just not putting as much effort in most of the time, it gets pretty distracting occasionally. But as you pointed out, she's always been pretty shameless about it.
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  20. The chorus of Body Ache is fucking majestic. David Guetta and Myah Marie Langston did THAT.
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