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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  2. She’s so damn lovable.
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  3. It does have a great melody. It could really have been something special if done properly.
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  4. Body Ache is a travesty. Not matter WHO sang that song, it was always destined for the gutter.
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  5. In celebration of Myah Marie's debut album release on vinyl I had some fun last night trying to figure out when it's her singing and when it's the featuring artist Britney Spears.
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  6. I used to bop to this so hard.
  7. I feel the same way. It's not miles away from the choreography that was used on the 'Circus' tour for 'If U Seek Amy' which had a similarly campy approach, and as ever Britney's dancers sold it. I do think this is one of the routines that lost a lot transferring to the Roundhouse stage for the Apple Music performance. The massive screen with the funfair animation framed by the red curtains that stretched across the whole Axis stage in Vegas really enhanced this one, as did the use of the catwalk. Performances like 'Work Bitch' still looked amazing at the Roundhouse because the routine is quite tight in terms of space anyway, but others benefited from the spectacle of the production. (It also doesn't help that the Apple Music uploads on Britney's official YouTube channel are out of sync, which makes them difficult to watch and enjoy).

    The choreography for 'Piece Of Me' is done dirty too much. The vast majority of the show, in both its incarnations, was full of solid routines that pushed Britney after Femme Fataleney sleepwalked her way through that tour. I agree there were a handful of dreadful routines that somehow endured over the whole four years (I hate 'Oops!...' and the 'Stronger/Crazy' choreography) but ones like 'Work Bitch', 'Me Against The Music', 'Gimme More' and the original 'Break The Ice' were ace.

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  8. Could be!
    Sad part is, there's still some people out there who don't understand her situation and life, and don't see her as the sweetheart she is. Celebrity or not.

    Which is why I'll sit there and sometimes wish she wouldn't lip syncing some performances, or moving half par in the dancing, but refuse to let anybody say she's talentless and a has-been.
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  9. Eh, my main complaint on her performances pre-2016 was she looked fairly dead in the face while performing. So when those faces came along and she looked at least to be enjoying herself, it was a change for the better ish. Her more expressive and apt facial expressions aside from her dancing really made a lot of her prime performances, though.

    As for the lip syncing, she really shouldn’t be lip syncing entire shows period.
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  10. If she is going to continue lip syncing then it would be appreciated if she at least pre recorded the vocals like she did on the Femme Fatale Tour. The pitched CD vocals on the Piece of Me Tour were really distracting.
  11. This feels like quite an obvious thing to say about what is regarded as one of the greatest pop songs of all time, but Toxic is such an important part of Britney’s musical legacy.

    A lot of Britney’s singles can be grouped into different categories: The ‘bubblegum’ pop, the Max Martin-pop, the urban-influenced pop, the EDM. But Toxic is one of her only singles that is just rock solid, straight down the middle pop.

    It’s almost as if Toxic in the nucleus of her discography and everything else spins off from there.
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  12. Did he return the favor by saying how he listens to the Britney Jean album every day as it’s her best album to him?
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  13. I'd say Toxic was her first real turn to euro-pop/electro pop and she's gone down that route many times since, particularly with Bloodshy and Avant. I think its a huge landmark in her career, for sure, but I don't think musically it stands alone.
  14. Toxic was a big chance to take with the GP. While it came off as a immediate hit to a lot of pop fans it could of went either way at the time. I'm so glad it took off and people latched onto it. It was very nice, different, and unusual for its time.
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  15. I feel like in many ways Oops!...I Did It Again is the most genius moment in Britney's career. It was such a wink at her critics and such an uncharacteristically cocky move. Of course a lot of that credit goes to Max and Rami, but still, after so many people were dying to write you off as a teen pop fad, to come back with that song, that instantly iconic video, and - though they couldn't have controlled this - the biggest first week sales ever for a woman (a record she held for 15 years) was such an incredible moment for her.

    Toxic is an incredible song and video and it deserves its recognition as a defining song of the 21st century (and thats not hyperbolic - it is), but I wish it and Baby One More Time didn't sort of swallow her other hits. Baby has the nostalgia, Toxic has the approval of straight men, and I feel like over the last decade her other amazing moments feel less and less recognized. But particularly with those first 4 albums there was a song and video that was truly a defining moment in her career and in pop culture (Baby, Oops, Slave, Toxic). Thats impressive. Not everyone has that.

    This quarantine has reminded me how much I love talking about Britney. Truly my first love.
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  16. I hope there comes a time in the near future that Britney isn't seen as a nostalgia/legacy act outside the fan base.
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  17. I do too. Glory was so good and deserved so much more attention.
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  18. She also seems to have obtained a rather unfortunate naf-tag, as if she’s something to laugh and a poke fun at, which is awful.
  19. I wish they'd gone through with the 3D release of the FFT since it had much better angles than the released version. I'm watching 3 now and it looks much more cinematic than the DVD version.

  20. I’m still bummed that 3 never got the epic sensual performance it deserves. Such a waste
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