Britney Spears

I feel like in many ways Oops!...I Did It Again is the most genius moment in Britney's career. It was such a wink at her critics and such an uncharacteristically cocky move. Of course a lot of that credit goes to Max and Rami, but still, after so many people were dying to write you off as a teen pop fad, to come back with that song, that instantly iconic video, and - though they couldn't have controlled this - the biggest first week sales ever for a woman (a record she held for 15 years) was such an incredible moment for her.

Yup 100% this! Also She totally carried this same cocky Energy into the VMA performance. I love hearing her sarcastic devilish way she says "Oooh... I did it again" right at the end of that performance. As if she knew she just further solidified herself as the most electrifying performer in the biz.
I feel the opposite? It feels like she finally has reached that respected / icon status among most people. Not to mention she’s been going viral literally everyday for the past month.
And isn't Circus or Femme Fatale her most streamed album now?
She also seems to have obtained a rather unfortunate naf-tag, as if she’s something to laugh and a poke fun at, which is awful.

I think this is very 2007.

Her younger fans are around the age of the new generation of popstars, who mostly cite her as an influence. Every VMAs is basically a "Who will have their Britney moment?" show for them. Her older fans may not be buying her music anymore, but they'd fill up the seats at her concerts to bop to her music, watch her lip sync and make faces on stage.

I'd say there's a very obvious question in her musicianship and talent as an artist overall, but she's widely regarded as an icon. I'd love for her to prove people wrong on the former and who knows? She might come up with something that'd surprise us. But I'd say she's on the public's good side more now than ever.