Britney Spears

Love the chaotic energy, but sometimes I wonder (like every fan) how much of these captions is actually her. I don’t know, Britney doesn’t seem like the type of person who would reference that breakup just for the sake of it.
Her captions are really chaotic lately!!!!!! xD which makes me think they are actually her now?!??????????!!!! Maybe they weren't before!! LOL Altho I always thought it was her to be honest!!!!!!!!!!! But Now I'm not so sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!!!!? :P
She has said repeatedly over the last several years that she's a fan of Justin. I don't know why you wouldn't believe this is her. She said during Glory she wanted to work with him. She said during Britney Jean his album was one of her favorites at the time. She put Lovestoned as the music to one of her videos a year or two ago.

She, unfortunately, isn't as bitter about him as the rest of us are.
The flex of “we were together who cares this song is a JAM” whew woman energy.

At the time Filthy came out I did think that it would be a vibe I’d enjoy some Sex-Robotney ala Mannequin on. Britney purring “put your filthy hands all over me” in that way would be tasty.
Her constant deleting/reposting every post is so chaotic/stressful for me. I feel like I’m liking the same thing every other day - I am. Definitely makes me think she posts things, her team panics and takes them down, and then evaluates with her if they should go back up.