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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The posts are almost definitely her, but the whole deleting/reposting is super odd.
  2. People have said it's a way of breaking the links when the press report about her posts, but she reposts them so quickly sometimes that the press hasn't even had the chance to do that.
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  3. That is odd...
  4. Does she even have a team?
  5. I think it’s obvious she deletes posts because she doesn’t like whatever edit she’s posted. Everything is usually reposted with a new filter over it or something. She mentioned before she’s indecisive over stuff like that and people got mad because she kept posting the same photos over and over with different filters.
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  6. I feel very .... ways at how you guys see Britney’s posting as “chaotic” since I’m thinking “Cool! She posts just like me”.
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  7. I could watch this all day:

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  8. I am SCREAMING at Britney singlehandedly boosting Filthy onto the iTunes chart. (Would def prefer her to be promoting her own music though nn)
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  9. Britney is such an actual Angel.
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  10. First she made Cry Me A River a hit and now this. Queen of helping all, even the unworthy ones.
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  11. If we’re being honest, the best parts of Justin’s solo music has always been when he’s written about or eluded to Britney. Makes sense she’s giving him a boost considering he wouldn’t have a career without her. Britney stays being a charitable legend.
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  12. No surprise here but it's official now.

  13. So... Cry Me A River and Never Again?
  14. Good-fucking-riddance!

    That entire project was just one bad decision after another. The energy around the whole entire thing - from the photoshoot and the rushed timing to the personal issues and the frightening dystopian announcement event - was horrendous.
  15. OK but us thirsty fans would love all the mixes she was rehearsing to.
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  16. 1. Circus
    2. If U Seek Amy
    3. Shattered Glass
    4. Phonography
    5. Womanizer
    6. Kill The Lights
    7. Mannequin
    8. Blur
    9. Unusual You
    10. Trouble
    11. Amnesia
    12. Lace and Leather

    Bonus Tracks:
    1. Mmm Papi
    2. Quicksand

    Out From Under (free pre-order digital download)

    A dream, literally a dream.
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  17. It's a shame the lyrics are so terrible, 'My Baby' has such a gorgeous melody and instrumental.
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  18. Yeah at least it's confirmed now. I hope she works with those choreographers again, as they seemed to be doing a great job from the clips they shared.
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  19. He


    The rehearsal clips looked so good though.
  20. Was “What Goes Around” not ~tackily~ about her?
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