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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. No, technically he wrote that about Elisha Cuthbert and his then (current?) best friend Trace Ayala. He acknowledged he could relate to it though.
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  2. I liked the photoshoot/poster we saw, if they just removed the weird red lips it would be perfect
  3. Guess I’ll be framing my lanyard ticket as a forgotten artifact.
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  4. Everything looks better with pants and flat shoes. Even the most simple stuff just looks more athletic and precise. Also as much as I appreciate them doing something different with it for once, the Domination choreography for Slave was a mess.

  5. Imagine what Godney could do with this? I want SOPHIE for B10.

  6. I love her working with people that want to raise her up. Justin and Julia have their faults, but they were gagged at being in the studio with her and pushed her a bit and she needs that.

    I’m not well versed on PC music, but I’d be very hear for her to coo along to an aggressive beat like that.

    We love our musically versatile queen, serve me up something shocking!
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  7. Random thought but I’d still love to hear Britney’s original demo for Whiplash. I’d just gag at her delivering that British verse with the right amount of sass.
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  8. So now you have me obsessed with wanting to hear this is as a Britney track
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  9. I'm surprised there isn't some fan-made Britney / PC Music mash-up out there yet. Mixing a pitched up Britney acapella with a SOPHIE, AG Cook, or Danny L Harle instrumental...somebody make it happen!
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  10. Britney and PC music seems like a match made in heaven. How I Roll feels like the closest we'll get to ever hearing her do it, though.
  11. If we ever get new music again I wouldn’t mind if she tried something more rocky or acoustic. I love her songs like don’t keep me waiting, rock boy.

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  12. Lonely, I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun) and Do Somethin’ fit too. I’ve been dreaming of a Rock-ish festival set list for a while now
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  13. I don't think she'll ever return to music as a full recording artist. I think she'll do collabs randomly and perform a residency. But that's it.
  14. Simon Ellis, the musical director for the Circus and Femme Fatale tours is doing a Q&A on Twitter.

    Ugh I would have loved Stronger on the Circus Tour. It would also have resonated a lot with it being her comeback tour and everything. Shame.
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  15. She will probably record another studio album but she won't promote it the way it should.

    I think Femme Fatale will be her last multi single project.
  16. Will.I.Am.Not aside... Big Fat Bass is kinda a bop? It's so ridiculous I can't help but like it and bop.
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  17. It's what I listen to when I need to get through chores I don't feel up to -- it's just a fun track to turn on when you need to get moving.
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  18. It is fine for what it is. Whereas It Should Be Easy is a monstrosity of a song.
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  19. Agreed. Although when it's 4AM and I'm about 17 rum and cokes deep I'm known to be partial to a bit of It Should Be Easy. I am deeply ashamed.
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  20. Big Fat Bass is one of Femme Fatale's weaker tracks, but its still a bop. Admittedly I do usually press skip once we get to Wills rap, but Britney's parts are fun. I don't get why Will is so fond of drenching her voice in effects though. I mean, isn't It Should Be Easy one of the few songs Brit's actually doing the majority of? I think Myah's just the "la-de-de-la-de-da its the only way to love" part in the bridge. And yet we still had to make her sound like she's underwater?
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