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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Pretty Girls is a bop. A cheap, generic bop yes but a bop nonetheless. My only real gripe with it is the production on Britney's vocals which is....a choice.
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  2. I like Pretty Girls purely for the fact the Britney actually seemed to really enjoy shooting the video and performing it. We all know our girl doesn't exactly have the best taste. Thank god it flopped and saved us from an album of those and brought us legend Karen Kawk though.
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  3. You know what? ...Baby One More TIme is not even that bad. Yes, the non-singles are cheese but they're quality cheese.
  4. Baby... is great if only for the fact it shows us a glimpse into the alternate reality where Britney would have gone into the Mariah-lite route.
  5. I think in general, Britney has great taste in pop music or else, she wouldn’t have this strong a discography. The A&R can also be an organizational issue because I imagine even if you have great taste, there’s only so much you can do if you don’t have the best choices in front of you in the first place.
    This. Her debut is, perhaps unsurprisingly full of R&B elements. I generally disagree with the fan sentiment that “Jive ruined her voice!!1” though. She has one of the greatest pop voices ever and it was perfected around the Oops era. I remember hearing she also took voice lessons in between Oops and Britney, and it showed for Slave.
  6. Oh I fully believe Britney was into Pretty Girls. I'm sure she liked Fancy, heard a song by the same producers, thought playing a valley girl type would be fun for the video (she said she initially wanted to do it with Nicole Richie, which would have been better), and I'm sure someone on her team or RCA suggested they just get Iggy on it. Unfortunately by May 2015 Iggy's popularity was nose diving and that sound felt stale.

    Someone here (maybe @mindtrappa ?) once made the observation that when Britney was young she was good at imitating better singers. I think that's a fair judgement. Yes, her natural voice is a bit lower and is better than people give her credit for, but when people bring up videos of her as a 14 year old singing Whitney or Silent Night, I think what we're hearing is Britney knowing how to imitate, more than we're hearing what Britney's voice is naturally. If she sang that way on her own albums it would be as much of a calculated affectation as the "baby voice" is.

    I think From the Bottom of My Broken Heart is probably one of the best examples of how Britney sounds at her most natural. It's a little deeper, its a little less nasal, it's comfortably in her range, but all the inflections we would come to associate with her are there.
  7. Yeah, Britney is a chameleon. The way she treats her voice is like an actor would treat a role. She’s always playing characters, mimicking, etc.

    The idea that she was never allowed to use her “real” voice always felt like a stan driven narrative that paints her as this tortured artist, which is something they tend to do in order to compensate for the things people are most critical of when it comes to her performances and musical output.
  8. I seem to recall people saying in the past she sounds very much like the demo Max made for ...Baby One More Time and we know she imitated (but not duplicated) the iconic Tulisa’s accent for Scream ‘n Shout.

    Personally, I think she’s great with phrasing and her head voice and falsettos are pop magic. If you compare Keri’s demo for Gimme More, Britney comparatively squeezes each word for dear life. Her vocals are actually pretty stellar for Blackout and her detractors just throw the word “autotune” without knowing what it actually sounds like.
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  9. This is really really neat! Thanks for posting, I love it. It's also on Spotify for anyone interested in listening.

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  10. I remember gay-gasping watching the Pretty Girls music video when they got to the dance break bit. It has been a rough time being a Britney stan with the Britney Jean crisis and all. But seeing her have so much fun, look great and give us a throwback dance break made me so happy.
  11. Pretty Girls was objectively trash, but there was a delight in hearing her sound like she was having fun on the song, singing it herself and the fact she tried to do a fun video.

    She also seemed to like performing it, despite the fact behind the scenes she was apparently unhappy with A&R but without Pretty Girls we wouldn’t have gotten Glory ddd.
  12. At least we got Tom’s Diner around the same time to balance out the shortfalls of Pretty Girls.
  13. Pretty Girls remains a stain on her discography.
  14. Already 16 ballots in after only being open for 2 weeks. Things are already v interesting in the rate, I hope you're all working on ballots!
  15. I don't know if my boss just loves Britney Spears or happened to pick a radio station with varied taste (unlikely), but hearing You Drive Me Crazy 4+ times and then Oops! ...I Did It Again over my work week is truly wild. Nature is healing.
  16. Pretty Girls was / is / will always be great.
  17. Pretty Girls also gave us this too true parody.

  18. Speaking of Britney's "real" voice, I came across this on Youtube.

    Is this real or fanfiction?
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  19. I still hear ... Baby One More Time as a karaoke staple and on radio over the years so it feels timeless so it’s really songs like Crazy and Sometimes that bring the nostalgia of that era for me.
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  20. RMK


    Ooh La La is worse than Pretty Girls. The latter being hailed with hype and promo just gives it a more negative connotation.
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