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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Anyone who's asking for this information to be sealed when Britney said otherwise is a snake in this situation.
  2. The way she just destroyed the entire charade with poise, grace and confidence. I’m so proud of her.

    It’s so strange isn’t it, we get to be so invested in pop stars. We follow them, imagine how their lives are, wish the best for them. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think all this would be… true. I wish nothing but the best for her. She’s starting to speak her story, and it’s one the world wants to listen to. It will take time to get her out of it, but now she’s unleashed the truth to the world there’s no way it can continue in it’s current form.

    Side note, part of me wonders how much of what she said the court was expecting to hear. I wonder how much this has put them on the back foot.
  3. I will never not be shocked at what people will do for cash. All these snakes sitting around torturing this woman for 13 years for a paycheck under the guise of "caring for her". Rot in hell.
  4. I hope that there isn't another film made about this, unless Britney was in control, but I don't think she'll want to relive this. I hope Britney gets as she wants - a longform interview, so she can finally tell her story, as it is, without being portrayed as a victim. And I hope it is with someone kind and sensitive that she trusts, not someone who purely wants to drag up traumatic moments for clickbait.
  5. What an incredibly brave and powerful testimony. Christ, I hope she's able to get her freedom.
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  6. I'm literally crying. This is so so so sad, she was part of my childhood and always gave me happiness. This world is cruel, I'm sad, very sad.
  7. “My attorney said I can’t let the public know anything about what has been done to me.”
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  8. TM


    Sorry I missed this - did she say she wants to do an interview?
  9. I cant believe the stuff about them not allowing her to have a baby was true. This is some Handmaid's Tale stuff right there I honestly Im so shocked Im even typing this out.
  10. Both in awe and heartbreak for her. This testimony is going to shake not just Hollywood this time, but America.
  11. If this is what they're doing to her body and health, when you look at the career side of it it's just like... you motherfuckers.
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  12. Currently balling. I'm so proud of her.
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  13. She confirmed she's been living a nightmare for 13 years. She truly is the strongest person on the planet. Get her out of this shit immediately and sue each and every person involved in this charade. I am so enraged on her behalf. To hear this from her is absolutely heartbreaking.
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  14. This is way more shocking than I could ever have expected. I feel incredibly proud of her but scared for her too. It's a lot to process.

    My heart is breaking for her knowing how long this has been going on. It has to be stopped.
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  15. Wow, what a bunch of evil bastards. So bedsides controlling her finances, they had to go one step further an strip away control of her own body, a woman's right to have a child?! Lock em all up!
  16. I wonder how those that dunked on Britney and her ability as a performer with all she’s said today feel.... Sad that.

    I love you Britney and will never apologise for defending you.
  17. I’m crying

  18. I hope more and other celebrities show up for her.
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