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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. But surely they cannot have the same people in control of the conservatorship, for the duration until then?

    I understand it might be a little while until she gets her sole freedom but it’s sickening to think that the same people can keep control, throughout her fight against them.
  2. I was literally just thinking about how that Black Mirror episode with Miley is eerily similar to Britney's situation. So messed up.
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  3. Yeah I think that’s why Britney brought up how things have been just as bad with Jodi basically saying it’s broken and cannot be fixed.

    Honestly, this all proves how fucking smart she is. Citing all these specific examples of abuse that cannot be overlooked / dismissed. Her ability to not just go nuclear on all of them (even though it would be rightfully deserved) proves she knows exactly what she is doing.
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  4. I haven't had the courage to listen to the audios because just reading her statement already broke my heart. I love this woman and I am so proud of her bravery for speaking out, but also I feel so frustrated to know that she had to injure this for so many years. I hope for happiness in her life and that her dad + anyone involved in her suffering joins her therapist who died in hell
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  5. At this point, someone higher on the ladder needs to step in -- fuck Vivian, fuck Brenda Penny... all of them shouldn't even be allowed to touch or even breathe at this case for another second.

    It's abhorrent that the judicial systems and laws are designed in a way for a situation even half as awful as this was able to form, and it's sad that it took something of this magnitude to bring attention to it.

    How Britney was able to maintain her composure and not crack under the pressure is something else, and I'm so proud of her for being so strong.
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  6. Do we.. stream her songs now? I really don’t want any of the scum around her to be profiting more than they have.. yet I obviously wanna support her.
  7. Something I don’t feel like is getting as much attention is the fact that they had her on fucking lithium. Such a dangerous and heavy drug that should not be used unless absolutely necessary and as Brit pointed out, she can say no to a dance move, ma’am. I knew they were drugging her, but I really hoped it wasn’t that bad. Every medical professional that “evaluated” her needs to lose their licenses immediately. It was malpractice through and through. Any professional that actually gave a shit would’ve taken one look at her, the situation, and the people involved and refused to prescribe a drug that heavy for as often as they were giving it to her.

    Also, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s definition of sex trafficking - the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act - she hit the nail on the head in describing this conservatoriship that way. And the LA Superior Court has allowed it for over a decade. Many arrests need to be made, licenses need to be revoked, disbarments must happen.
  8. It’s not in the transcripts, but the way Vivian attempted to seal her testimony from the public yet again in the beginning, but Britney knew to put a b*tch in her place. The power
  9. It really just hit me that this is the first time in over 13 years that she has been able to be this unfiltered and heard on a public level. And the fact that she was never made aware that she could actually contest it, has constantly been threatened if she doesn't comply with these people, is forced to sign documents but can't even hire her own attorney to look over them.....truly an abusive system designed to keep her trapped. It's also incredibly alarming that she already told a judge all of this two years ago and they didn't do anything. The biggest bomb is obviously the IUD, along with the institutionalization when she didn't want to do the 2nd Vegas residency. It's insane that this is real.

    She's such an incredibly strong person for waking up every single day to this for 13 years and still having so much fight in her, when it would utterly destroy most people.

    I'm so proud of her for doing this. The public finally founding out and being outraged has to mean something will change.
  10. Who’s literally heavy breathing after she chimed in? I’m howling.
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  11. Gonna do a deep dive on her discography tomorrow when I wake up. I just want to immerse myself in her music. What a queen.
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  12. If I had to hazard a guess, probably some Brazilian twink.
  13. I was working all day so I’m still catching up on all the information and updates, but damn...I’m SO proud of her! She was probably so nervous, but seeing her speak so candidly about the fucking abuse she’s been through just reminded me how strong she is and how she proved to the world today that she’s more than capable of taking the reins of her life. That’s my baby!
  14. Also I’ve never liked Larry and this just proves how much of a parasite he is, lock him in jail too!

  15. Just want to add - the caption of the tweet made me roll my eyes a bit but I thought it was at least interesting. I'm happy Azealia decided to be nice today.
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  17. I mean the Spice Girls came before her ddd BUT I do agree that she’s on point with everything else.
  18. That post is from last year, Azealia's been stanning.
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  19. I feel the same. While it may be selfish thinking on my part I’m glad we can finally leave the years of speculation and Banana Alice rumours behind us now. As horrifying as it all is I feel things can only get better for her from here out? Or that’s at least me trying to be positive about it.
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  20. I’m going to cherish Britney Jean the album for being a sheer reminder of that one time when the main artist refused to have her input and her team still managed to force something out at all costs. If that’s not abuse of power, I don’t know what is.
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