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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. About time!
  2. [​IMG]

    You did it queen! Your courage and strength for speaking up and standing for yourself is admirable.
    Let the healing process begin Britney, live!
    (and also burn all those fuckers in the process, Mr. Rosengart)
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  3. Hmm I won't begin celebrating until he's actually gone.
  4. This literally made me yelp laughing.

    I think St. Peter picked out a special, extra uncomfortable seat for him a while ago.
  5. My heart! Let the healing begin. She’s got a lot more ahead of her but the emotional/mental weight this must have lifted is surely immeasurable.
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  6. Horrible.
    But thought so

    This monster

    Maybe it was tactics of Rosengart though...
    Still perched
  7. This huge premature announcement has Vivian 'media matters' Thoreen written all over it.
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  8. Isn't this the first time that Jamie's team has admitted that he could be replaced? I feel like this is a huge victory even if it doesn't mean he is out of the picture as of today.
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  9. I know Rosengart is great and he’ll do wonders but I also believe this is mostly a result of Britney first speaking out in court and calling out everyone for their behaviour and abuse. She should be so proud of herself.

    This is news I didn’t think we’d see for a long time. I’m shocked!
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  10. Here's the actual filings from Jamie's side.

  11. Exactly what I thought. Of course... isn't this basically admitting / him knowing he did act criminally?
    Wonder what Rosengart will negotiate in return
  12. He’s an absolute fucking scumbag.

    But FUUUUCK yes.
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  13. What Jamie and Vivian don't realise is.. Rosengart is always two steps ahead, he'll have planned for this outcome weeks ago. They know that time is running out for them so of course, they're jumping ship.
  14. Let's see how faithful Jamie is to Jamie Lynn's hero, Miss Lou.

  15. This is a severe dragging of Lynne's character. But why though? She's only an interested party. You would think the filing would counter Rosengart's arguments instead.
  16. Ddd this just makes James look even more guilty. Throwing Lynne under the bus publicly is not a good look.

    Now we know who Womanizer was really about.
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  17. Why won't he just fuck off now? Forget negotiating, just

  18. Daddyo…

    That whole second verse hits differently now.
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