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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Everytime is grossly underrated. I mean we know it’s a great song but it should be general pop consensus that it’s just a epic, heartbreaking masterpiece really. It’s so beautiful, so fragile, so powerful.

    Also In The Zone is just magnificent.
  2. The video is a masterpiece too.
  3. I find Circus a very solid if disjointed experience. I love Kill the Lights and Blur yet I find they would have fit much better on Blackout. Also as have been stated numerous times many of the bonus tracks should have made it onto the standard instead of stuff like MMM Papi and My Baby.

    Even flawed it is still a great album and I will always wish we had a Mannequin video. What a weird but great song. Also Lace and Leather is so underrated.
  4. Obviously all her regional bonus tracks being on all streaming services would be ideal, but it's really Circus we're most missing out on. With Blackout we're only missing Outta This World. With Femme Fatale we're only missing Scary. But Circus we're missing a ton of tracks. It would be nice if RCA just put out a definitive 'deluxe' version of Circus with Amnesia, Quicksand, Trouble, Rock Boy (although I low key think this is one of her worst songs) and also for good measure lets throw Take the Bait, Abroad, and Whiplash on there.
  5. I just need Outta This World, Trouble, and Scary.
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  6. And Follow My Fingers!!!!!!
  7. I actually like “Rock Boy” nn. All the Circus bonus cuts are pretty fantastic. “Trouble,” “Quicksand” and “Amnesia” deserved spots on the standard, though. The latter should have been the lead single, to be quite honest.
  8. Rock Boy is better than Rock Me In personally.
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  9. Not when the latter has that euphoric electropop bridge.
  10. Femme Fatale really is that gym album. Banger after banger with no letup.

    Also, will I be banned from this thread/forum for saying that yes, Trip To Your Heart is the sequel to Heaven On Earth, but is actually even better than its predecessor? An absolutely divine track.
  11. Finally got my new to me record player set up and: is it just me, or does Glory sound better.mp3 on wax??
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  12. Usually everything on wax with a decent sound system always sounds so good on vinyl.
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  13. It's worlds different than with the old suitcase one I got for Christmas awhile back, for sure. Definitely glad I splurged on records when I couldn't bring myself to play them on that thing!!!
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  14. My 3rd fave album! I feel like Inside Out, Criminal and He About To Lose Me slow it down though...
    Whether that's good or bad is up to the listener, just personally feel those are more chill...
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  15. Inside Out, Criminal and He About To Lose Me are FF Top 5 for me.
    With Till The World Ends and Gasoline.
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  16. I still can’t believe that after back to back smash albums with Circus and Femme Fatale, they just decided to allow Britney Jean to happen the way it did. Like… could they not have just dug in the vault from the last three albums instead and polished some existing unreleased tracks up? Nn
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  17. Dev Hynes was honestly a match made in heaven for Britney Spears in 2013, and they fumbled that.
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  18. Good morning America, i'mexcitedtotellyouontuesdaymorningmarch29thi'llbeperformingforthefirsttimeeverinaspecialconcertinsanfrancisco'shistoriccastrodistrictongoodmorningamerica and I promise you, it will be a morning to remember. See you soon.

  19. According to the creative team that worked on the I'm a Slave 4 U performance, the concept was entirely Britney's idea. Her mind.
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