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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Was there any doubt? Britney’s always been a visionary (“…Baby One More Time” video and the infamous Rolling Stones cover being earliest examples) but the general public (and P!nk) always wanted to paint her out to be some airheaded pop muppet.
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  2. The Slave performance.... that's history. But also, I agree with what he said that it was one of the last times old school theatricality (costumes, set design, lighting, choreography) took center stage before huge screen took over everything.

    I remember watching it live (I stayed up all night) and while the performance was instantly iconic, I remember being a bit meh on the song itself, having only known Britney in bubblegum mode up to that point. In hindsight, it was a bit of a risk to premiere the song with the performance but I think it made it all the more impactful.
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  3. It goes to show you don't need much in a performance and if the star has that charisma to sell it, you are pretty much there.

    I too stayed up live and recorded it on my VHS (like you do), where I was also a bit meh at the song. When I rewatched the performance a few times, I was in love with the song. Still one of my all time favourite Britney songs, so timeless.

    *playing Britney album now
  4. Even in the behind the scenes of the Oops video, the styling of her hair was her idea. Sometimes, I wish Britney sold herself more as an artiste in interviews so her input as a creator wouldn’t be so underrated in pop.
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  5. I kinda like it that she doesn't brag and that everyone that she works with usually big her up on that.
  6. Honestly, interviewers back then always asked the most stupid questions and it was hardly ever about the artistry, so I can see why never got to talk about it. Imagine 2003 Britney doing an hour long interview with Zane Lowe.
  7. I’m not the biggest Zane Lowe fan because he tends to force feed “insight” into an artist’s mouth dddd

    Probably something like this but including performances

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  8. Maybe the good sis Brenda Penny should take a peek at this article x
  9. I was today years old when I learned Britney premiered Slave on the VMA's.
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  10. It’s so random but one of my favourite bits about Britney’s iconic Slave 4 U performance at the VMAs is that the camera stays firmly on her at all times. There’s no ridiculous wide angles or quick cuts to the audience for any bit of reaction. As a viewer at home you got to see the whole performance as if you were there right at the front.
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  11. It's what Mtv should be showing when there are performances on, rather than focus on the famous celeb dancing. Like why do I want to see that?
  12. I know!! I hate how in the last few years it now seems like award ceremonies are more concerned about catching reactions to use as gifs then actually showcasing the performances.
  13. I’m too scared to get excited.
  14. Wonder if this is another one of his tricks or if he’s legit petitioning it to end. Cautiously optimistic.
  15. This move seems like a last ditch desperate attempt from Colon to paint a hero narrative for himself while also negating all of the abuse he has inflicted over the years. I hope Britney and Rosengart ignore it and go in on his sorry ass.

    I reiterate; they all need to be locked up!
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  16. The rat jumps the sinking ship...
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  17. NBC and CNN reporting before TMZ has me a bit more hopeful. Since TMZ like to play games with their reporting…

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