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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. She's basically
  2. Fascinating looks behind the scenes of some of the most iconic performances in pop history. Always interesting to see how these things come together. I wish I could hear what they're saying more clearly.

    Also, I love how she's 100% on top of everything and knows exactly what she wants but is still very calm and polite with everyone. I wasn't good, I was great teas.
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  3. Yeah the final performance is always a spectacle but I love seeing the behind the scenes to get to that point. As you can see in the video, they did different takes and how each stage they introduced a element. In the Slave one you see the lion and then the snake in each performance. What's more she was always on point!

    The Gimme More one, there are glimpses where she was more on point and the shots were better but it still felt half arsed. I believe the nerves got to her on the night.
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  4. Was worth it for this part alone:

  5. We always love a Britney tittie jiggle move!
  6. Seeing her turn around at the end of the Gimme More performance to finally lip the “I Just Want More” part upload_2021-9-9_13-29-25.gif
  7. This one is my favourite though:


    I can’t hear this part of the song and not think of her boobs.
  8. That iconic stare.

  9. Oops all the videos seem to have disappeared from that YouTube channel...
  10. They got hit by copyright but they’re getting re-uploaded later apparently
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  11. Can't MTV just upload it on their official YouTube account?
  12. Watching those rehearsal videos last a performer, she's so much more Janet than Madonna. I mean, I know we know that but it's so apparent in her dancing--the sharp movements, the messy hair, the stares. Madonna's a great dancer too, but she's more "classical" and her performances are more theater than entertainment if that makes sense.
  13. It would be such a dream for them to finally collab. Manifesting this!
  14. Wait, were the vocals in Satisfaction playback?
  15. Not sure about the final, actual performance but they were definitely live all throughout this rehearsal footage! I love hearing it so much.
  16. I feel like Britney is 75% Janet and 25% Madonna
  17. Britney’s 100% Britney.
  18. I meant influence wise but ok
  19. The professionalism, sheer control of everything and still being such a sweetheart to everybody around her at the young age of 18!!! She is the definition of a true superstar. Those rehearsal footages are everything! And another proof that she’s never got enough acclaim for her talent as a performer, singer and mastermind behind her every move.
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  20. I’m so sad, I didn’t get to watch!
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