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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Should be coming back up soon hopefully!
  2. For those that missed out:

  3. The 2000 rehearsal is just an absolute gem to watch. The amount of detail and work she put into every single step. It’s a masterclass for a show your work podcast.

    There really is no one like her!
  4. Watching these again right now and she's just utterly mesmerising. A superstar.

    I will NEVER forgive what Jamie did to her and I hope neither does she.
  5. I wonder who and why this is all suddenly being leaked? Kind of a coincidence with all the news about her.
  6. RJF


    That “Gimme More” rehearsal… that night was doomed.
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  7. Got that. I wasn’t coming for you.
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  8. New outtake from Circus shoot.

  9. Sam


  10. Circus had overall a really good album shoot. Probably her last truly good one until we saw the LaChapelle Glory shoot. Britney Jean had a nice enough shoot, there just isn't anything about it that tells you its for an album. It could have been for Elle, InStyle, an 'At Home With Britney' layout for People.

    Femme Fatale is just a weird one. The pictures don't reflect the album at all and honestly there are only a handful that are actually good. Even though Blackout's cover is kind of tacky, it at least had something in the way of design. Femme Fatale just has this sort of meh photo with a feather boa and an elbow awkwardly sticking out, all white and gold paired with an album title that's supposed to conjure danger.
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  11. I could never get over the hair on the Femme Fatale cover. I had the poster up in my bedroom at the time and it would trigger me every time I looked at it.

    That rehearsal footage is ICONIC though. There is so much detail to the movement in the 2000 VMAs performance that I missed in the standard TV edit.
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  12. The Circus album cover is one of my favorites. It just works.
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  13. The Circus shoot is so over the top and plastic, I love it. It lends itself nicely to a very unsettling, cynical vibe that would eventually bloom on tour and the “If U Seek Amy” video.
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  14. This day, I wish we got the official audio of that Oops remix
  15. I don't know when I started doing it but I definitely do that with my tongue when I say something with an 'L' in it. I fully put that on Britney.
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  16. Her caption made me howl!

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  17. I honestly have no words on the rehearsal footage. It's mindblowing. Seeing and hearing her skills and professionalism so transparently makes me love her so, so much.
  18. I love her!
  19. I can't not think of "Hi! I'm Christina, and here's my ass!"
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