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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I actually could see it in a bizarre way. But Brit would need to be on her A+ game.
  2. Nadine is that you?!
  3. I missed seeing Britney in hats. She looks so good in them.
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  4. A traditional duet perhaps not, but Beyonce acting as an advisor and confidante for any potential future music project could be cool. Open up the Parkwood resources, Queen.
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  5. “Maybe I’m the doctor… I’m mean who’s playing who?” Is this a reference to Doctor Who?…
  6. Only she could randomly bring up a diss track/video from 15 years ago and still managing to sound completely unbothered.
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  7. She’s hysterical ddd. She must have her down days, but I admire her so much for still being able to find the fun in life after what she’s been through.
  8. Jamie Lynn and her trash husband can take several seats.

    Trash all of them.
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  9. The absolute abuse of power is horrifying and I genuinely dread what details will gradually surface.
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  10. I’ve always hated her husband and now I know why.
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  11. I say it again with my whole chest - fuck her entire piece of shit family!!! They’re all vile, despicable people who need to leave Britney the fuck alone when this is all done and dusted (hopefully!).
  12. Wendy really did say it best: (0:30-0:55)

  13. The commitment. The setlist. The precision. AMAZING. She needs to see this.
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  14. The way the trees are back-up singers sent me. This is genius.
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  15. This is simply epic. It also made me realize how much I've missed 3 and Hold it Against Me from her setlists.
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  16. That's incredible!
  17. So many Jamies...
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  18. Honestly never trust a person who’s name begins with J this is a well known fact.
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  19. Expose it!
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