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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  2. Now now…

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  3. Especially her dd.
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  4. This gif never fails to send me

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  5. This is very random but I feel compelled to mention that Take The Bait with Britney’s vocals really needs to leak. I love that song so much.
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  6. This. I need it in my life. For now I’m still having to make peace with the demo.
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  7. Right?!

    Like, I’m even slightly ticked off that after 13 years not a single stan from Brazil has at the very least tried to make a fan made version that mixes Candace’s vocals with stems from other Britney songs on which she says some of the words. Is that really too much to ask?
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  8. The way her Instagram captions are written is so iconic. It’s really giving… Cher on Twitter.

    One day, Lou Taylor will be declared guilty on racketeering charges and she’ll be like “Heard my old, opportunistic manager is going to jail….. Y’know like in that No Doubt video !!! Just kidding… But, I really do love Gwen Stefani…. PSSSS RED ”
  9. #NotAllJamies
  10. Surprised it's not been noted she's back in a dance studio!
  11. Whew the dig at her family near the end. A warning shot.

  12. I love her so much if fucking hurts. She must be so anxious about having full control of her life again. It must be a real mind fuck. But yeah, shots fired at her bullshit family. Pew pew!!!
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  13. That caption is so heartbreaking, but it makes me happy that she’s finally able to speak her mind. I feel so bad for her but things are finally looking up, so there’s that.

    “Lord have mercy on my family's souls if I ever do an interview !!!” Whew..
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  14. So hopefully more than chestnuts roasting on her fire then, burn them all down.

    The world truly doesn’t deserve a soul as precious as hers.
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  15. I wonder if she would ever consider moving to another country? But probably not because of her kids. Wish she could just live a peaceful life.
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  16. I'm also very glad she's ended the speculation and confirmed she's not going back to work yet. I want her to be free to decide whatever she wants
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  17. She had another post before that one as well where she spoke about the paparazzi. Hopefully fans stop sharing those images and videos. I understand that they want to see her in real time to confirm if she’s actually okay, since some of the stuff she posts can be up to a year old, but they really need to learn to let go at some point and allow her to live.

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  18. I hope the first thing she does as a free woman is ask her lawyer to have someone change the locks on all her properties and kick anyone living there out on the streets. They can buy their own sushi and their own sketchers.
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  19. It’s hard to put into words how heartbreaking this is. To read how she’s been gaslighted for so many years with seemingly no one willing to help her. The absolute loneliness she must have felt.

    I truly hope this all ends soon and she gets whatever she wants.
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