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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. She better talk her shit!!!
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  2. I mean, the way she looked at her publicist and he responded in such a snippy and rude tone was a little telling. She obviously established before the event that she didn’t want to be asked any questions about Britney. Britney knows how that stuff works. I get it’s Christina’s night, but Gaga openly spoke about Britney at the House of Gucci premiere without a fuss.
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  3. Britney is about to let EVERYONE have it and I cannot wait.
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  4. What is this referring to?
  5. That's because Gaga wants to be asked about it dd. She didn't speak up with a social media post after a year of silence as she was entering her red carpet cycle for no reason. Christina spoke up earlier this year a couple of times if I'm not mistaken. I don't think she needs to be asked at every point. Her publicist made it much worse than it needed to be.
  6. It's sending me that she posted the actual video of Xtina on her story because I don't even know how to do that.
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  7. I don't blame Britney for having those feelings, I just think Christina isn't really the appropriate target of them. Obviously, she may not be aware that Christina already spoke out.

    I personally wouldn't want, now that Britney is free, to be used for a cheap headline about her situation. I don't see why people want to assume the worst of her motivations.
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  8. If you watch the full interview Xtina turns around due to the person saying the questions are over and they’re about to go inside right before that question is asked.

    It’s actually really unfair that Britney is misconstruing something like this when Xtina has been so vocal in support of her for over a decade now. What else is she supposed to do in a red carpet interview? It’s not the time or place to talk about something like that besides saying she’s happy for her.
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  9. While Christina’s statement earlier this year was wonderfully written, she has always been extremely shady and…snotty why I never cared for her as a kid so this doesn’t entirely surprise me. Yes, her publicist (whatever he is) was snippy and rude, she clearly tipped him off and could’ve still acknowledged it briefly and compassionately had she wanted to (as he is employed by her), which she chose not to.
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  10. I really hope Britney just isn’t aware of Xtina speaking out in support of her back when the Free Britney movement went mainstream. I don’t believe she follows her on Instagram. This is already getting Britney stans who can’t move on from whatever rivalry the two women had two decades ago riled up again… ugh.
  11. I’m sorry… but this could never have happened without the silence of her peers. they are all complicate.
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  12. I don't think I have to remind you how awful Xtina was to her back in the day.

    Britney has every right to call out anyone she pleases even if they’re making statements or made statements since her testimony. At the end of the day, they all knew what was going on… they just didn’t want to get involved.
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  13. Hmm, I don't think this is accurate considering we've heard from people that were in her own inner circle that they had no idea what was going on because they were constantly being lied to by Team Con. Fe was on tour with her and managed to not see her until it was over. How is Xtina, someone who Britney last spoke to in... 2006 (?), going to know what was going on?
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  14. But you have done, many times in the past. As @nikkysan says, "this is already getting Britney stans who can’t move on from whatever rivalry the two women had two decades ago riled up again… ugh."
  15. Yeah I defitnely think this was uncalled for and hopefully Britney just wasn't aware of Christina's post from earlier in the year. I understand she's probably pissed at the whole thing at large but Christina isn't the enemy here.
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  16. The shade Xtina threw at Britney back in the day because she was “real” and the fact is she only spoke up about Britneys situation when there was public pressure. She has every right to be pissed off. These people never cared about her in all these years and now she’s speaking her truth let her do it.
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  17. The last contact we're aware of between the two was Xtina sending something for the birth of Britney's first child... That was before her conservatorship, and before any of us knew any of the horrible things that were happening behind the scenes. How do you expect her peers to have any idea what was going on? She came out in support of her when the atrocities were revealed, just as most people did.

    Hold the people responsible accountable, not others who had nothing to do with the situation.
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  18. i can’t get over how we all thought- people on her level would have blown the whistle that sometime was wrong- it was THIRTEEN YEARS- it’s time we start being angry idc
  19. I guess it goes without saying that the last thing she needs, coming out of the conservatorship, is an army of overprotective fans who would go and take down everyone else in her name. She's fought so hard to be treated normally and equally like everyone else, so I really hope the stans out there understand that anything could happen now. She'll shitpost like we all do, and if she gets dragged, she will brave through it just fine.
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  20. Britney’s story appears unprovoked, misdirected and completely out of the blue.

    Hopefully it’s a misunderstanding and someone in her circle clears things up for her.
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