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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. We'll get her dancing to "Filthy" for the 100th time instead.
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  2. I don’t get why she hasn’t dragged Justin though. I guess she’s a classy lady and wants to respect what they had but he really deserves the opposite of getting his flowers.
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  3. Last time Britney publicly acknowledged Xtina before this was 5 years ago during a radio interview when she was asked about doing a Do You Wanna Come Over remix with her. She laughed and said "that's news to me".
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  4. dddd I'm just teleported to 2019-circa Ariana at the Grammys where suddenly all discussions of understanding trauma and supporting those with mental illness came to a halt when faced with the reality that trauma and pain do not manifest in ways that everyone is always going to agree with or like.

    The difference here is that, unlike most times trauma of famous people manifests in conflict, there's no societal foul here. There's no issue Britney is being tone-deaf to. The conflict is literally ran off of the steam of a 20-year-old rivalry by stans.

    What's the fallout here? Two women who don't know each other will never be friends? In the same way the issue is bigger than Christina and people are trolling if they're genuinely arguing that the medical tyranny of conservatorships would end with a tweet from @xtina, Britney's problems are bigger than if a woman she doesn't known doesn't want to be her friend if she feels personally targeted via IG story. Britney doesn't have to prioritize Christina's feeling while calling out a harmful media apparatus who ignored her and now treat her like fodder.
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  5. ah wrap it up. if any tom, dick and harry knew accurately what was happening 10+ years ago.

    you’re taking the piss if you’re saying people in hollywood someone knew less than us.
  6. Britney also said during Simon's media play promoting X Factor that she hates the rivalry between them and considers Xtina a good friend. So maybe she doesn't like her, but holding on to things from 2003 is ridiculous when both women have made it clear they're past that.

    Britney has every right to say what she wants and react the way she wants. As others have said, seeing that response would probably feel like a slap in the face. But it's also really unfair to sick her devoted fans against someone who they've been dying to go after for 20 years now. Maybe she isn't aware of the power she has, but it's still unfair to Xtina who has been supportive in recent years.
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  7. I'm sorry but some of these tweets kjfdnglfjdgkld
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  8. I get you’re upset but you’re really doing way too much and are blaming the wrong people. Just because it’s a community where everyone knows everyone, doesn’t mean everyone knows everything about everyone.
  9. I mean I agree with you! But they have both been shady in the past and we will never know their true relationship.

    Where we are now Is Britney has access to all the information she has her phone and she knows how to access the information so let’s not act like she doesn’t know what’s been said etc she did say not long ago about people seeming supportive publicly but never being there for her.
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  10. Not sonic coins ffffff
  11. It's been in the back of my mind that Britney might get into a few situations like this. She's gone through an immense amount of trauma over the last 13 years and as you all have said, there's no "right" reaction when it comes to trauma. The fact that she has to go through this in the public eye adds a whole other layer of stress to this. So far, it seems that people are being understanding of that but I'm worried that some kind of backlash might manifest at some point. I really hope she has a good support system around her.
  12. This obviously isn't something specific to Christina so it does feel a bit aimed, but with or without context, I don't think her frustration at seeing people still avoiding talking about her situation is really that surprising. I guess seeing that video at face value was a good example of the kind of thing she's grown tired of. It isn't hard to consider that Britney will be processing many emotions right now.
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  13. The female rivalry between them both always felt very male constructed.

    The actually enemies Justin, Eminem etc
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  14. Yeah, I was about to say I don't even particularly care that Britney called out Xtina. If she's angry, then she has every right to feel that way because it's obviously not for no reason, whatever that reason may be – if she was triggered or what. I think my main issue is that it is so public, and I hate the way stans have taken this and turned it into yet another opportunity to air out whatever 20 year old issues they have with Xtina dd
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  15. Do you think Gaga’s just being performative?
  16. Well, I hope the people around her can still nudge her into the right direction. Maybe she should get a burner account dddd
  17. I think Gaga genuinely cares about Britney, but I do feel like her showing support was something she held back on until she was doing press again. I like to think there were more legitimate reasons behind that choice beyond that, though. She spent the last year and a half not talking about anything at all on her socials that wasn't related to Haus Labs. She didn't even comment on the the fact that Tony had Alzheimers when that info was first announced. So that's all I'll say about that.
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  18. Gaga’s social media is exclusively used for shilling, I thought we all knew this.
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