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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I wonder if Christina would've just spared ten seconds to say something sweet on camera if she knew she was about to be put on blast like this. Oops.
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  2. Not this taking me back to that dark period in late 2009 when Britney stans were mad about Gaga's VMAs performance for...some reason
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  3. Ddd Xtina's personality vs. Gaga's politician-esque response.

    To be honest, I think Britney is probably seeing some level of fan interaction that veers into stan territory.

    At the same time, I think she had a right to be mad at... literally everyone.
  4. There's obviously no civil way for people to discuss the reality of Britney's feelings in this moment with bias either way due to the silly rivalry between these two women when teenagers - or as it still lives on in their adult fans - but I don't think it's that hard to 1) read Britney's commentary about the situation as a whole and not targeted at Christina (it being largely a taboo thing people in the business in general want to avoid - the snotty way the PR person ushers her away out of fear she might say something not screened by them beforehand) and that 2) that such is not something odd or unwarranted for her to be frustrated with.

    It's easy to frame it in the light of "Britney targets Xtina" instead for the discussion of why these discussions that require self-assured beliefs in right and wrong are seen as inappropriate and too heavy for a night out. Cher herself said it was an open secret that she was a prisoner in Vegas. And such would also apply to fans, as well, not just celebrities, let alone somehow singularly one who hasn't known Britney for years.
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  5. Hmmm. I do think it’s fair to feel frustrated that the industry turned a blind eye to what was happening to her because by many accounts, it was a bit of an open secret. The “it’s not their problem, they have their own problems, etc” comments I’ve been seeing elsewhere is also an awful take, in my opinion. I truly believe the label and touring promoters at some point should’ve stepped in. It was really a lot to hurl at Xtina, though and was probably a knee-jerk reaction.
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  6. I mean...Britney has been through a lot, and she going to have a lot of feelings about it for a long time. She just got out of it, and is bound to have some misplaced anger and frustration. She'll mess up a bit, and that's okay.
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  7. Considering her previous response regarding Xtina's father, which was a knee-jerk reaction to a promoted ad not even posted by Xtina... Something tells me she wouldn't care.
  8. The thing that stands out to me the most is that the question Christina is asked is “have you been in contact”, to which the obvious answer is no, which also makes the line of questioning quite baity. It’s not like she was asked if she has any words on the situation or anything broader; she was baited and she rightfully swerved. The swerving in question could have probably been done better, sure, but that’s about all the blame I can put on her.
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  9. Yeah, there’s really not much to make out of this. I also feel her comment is more directed at the publicist shutting down the question, and she took that as it coming off that the topic is too taboo to discuss.
  10. Honestly, I agree with this. She's been in a pressure cooker of abject horror and abuse for thirteen years, and even though she weathered all of that in a pretty incredible way, trauma recovery is still difficult and a bumpy road, to put it lightly. It's barely been a week since the conservatorship was terminated.
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  11. It doesn't matter, that attitude was disgusting. I'm dissapointed.
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  12. Oh I'm sure she'll be on Watch What Happens Live next month talking about how she loves Britney etc. and being as sweet as always. Classic Christina.
  13. yes. it’s a small town. if the absolute truth was openly circulating through gossip magazines? There was an entire black mirror episode, a gweneth paltrow movie, and a segment in lady gaga’s documentary. We all assumed if people in the industry knew about they would blow the whistle, but they happily profited instead.

    If I knew about it via the interned in 2009 they all absolutely knew about it.
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  14. The way I just almost spat out my coffee viewing that story. It's still so surreal seeing her be so vocal ddd.
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  15. Yeah, I feel like this isn’t said enough? There were leaks that even Hillary Clinton’s team knew about it (maybe she should drag her next) ddddd

    It does make those industry tributes being done for her feel different in retrospect. Arranging for these testimonies on my supposed impact and importance and yet, being silent on my abuse would’ve made me feel some kind of way.
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  16. If I was in a situation like Britney, I'd probably be the same way. My exact line of thinking would be.... "Oh, so you only speak about it when it's beneficial for you to do so??" (I'm not saying that Christina spoke out before with that intent ... I'm speaking how I, if I were in that position, would feel about it.)

    I think Christina has the right to be like "I don't want to speak about that." And I think Britney has the right to be mad about it.
  17. Starting to think we're never gonna get Woman Love Sister Love
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  18. I'm having flashbacks to the early 2010s. Which one of you is going to update
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  19. People knowing about the conservatorship is different to being aware of how abusive it was. Everyone was told it was something Britney needed and that there were good reasons why she was under the restrictions she was under, and they took it as such and didn't go any deeper until just a couple years ago.
  20. Manifesting a Telephone (Remix featuring Britney Spears). Bobby senpai, make it happen!
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