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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  2. Stop the F****! I like it. Her vocals are very strong on this.
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  3. Listening to it again, I probably would have prefered it to have gotten the official treatment rather than Matches.
  4. I always listen to any demo or song leaks and sometimes expect to not ever listen to it much again.
    But I've been bopping all morning to this! So damn catchy! Why wasn't it included!
    It definitely had a Max Martin feel to it
    He just has the right touch.
  5. Matches is a great song but I agree; this would’ve been much better to include on the re-release.
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  6. This is so nothingy and faceless. Would be a fun bonus track or one-off single, but it doesn't belong on a (good) Britney album.
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  8. I’m not hearing what the rest of you do… It’s meh.
  9. Why not just call it "Dance your ass off"?
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  10. Because it’s a Max “Who I Really Are” Martin co-write.
  11. Keisha "It Don't Matter Where I Are" Buchanan would like to have a few words please.
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  12. It's cute for an unfinished demo but I'm still an exaholic. This version just goes offf...especially the ending.
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  13. Do we know if there are some other demos/unreleased or either unfinished tracks floating around? I want a real Britmas.
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  14. This. It doesn’t suit the rest of Glory at all.

    As a stand-alone single though, releasing a polished version now would be a hit.
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  15. OK, that guitar, the bassline, vocals.... girl had a hit. Very "Break Free" meets Avicii whistle anthem... also the little vocal clip in the bridge brought me back to Cheryl's "Only Human" intro. It's the same guy.
  16. There are loads of tracks circulating, things like Take the Bait, Burn, and Whiplash have been going around for a while but nobody wants to leak them.
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  17. I don't understand why her label doesn't put up a cute, generic Christmas-y video for My Only Wish and promote it more agressively on playlists. I understand Britney is not working at the moment but I need the song to be a bonafide Christmas classic dammit.
  18. With the film Single All The Way having it in their film, I am sure it has placed itself as a Christmas classic as has the film.
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  19. I’d love to hear her demo of “Whiplash”, if it ever existed.
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  20. Dance Your F Off sounds more of like what Britney Jean would have been if done correctly. Definitely would have smashed in 2013/14. Love the "Come along children, now we're gonna have a little music like old times" snippet in the bridge.
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