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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Body Ache could’ve been a trashy bop!
  2. No, it could not.
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  3. We should get a Britney Jean (Britney's Version) someday.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    They should retcon it like Janet's first two albums.
  5. They can add Perfume + the Britney version of Work Bitch to an updated The Singles Collection and press the delete button on the album. She has too much good music to pretend like the rest is worth listening to, even if it did have her vocals.
  6. Yeah there...isn't really much to be gained from her recording that album.
  7. There really isn't. Maybe if it lost a couple songs and had a complete production overhaul, it would be interesting to hear but it'd be extremely unnecessary.
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  8. Still howling at Larry fucking Rudolph trying to market the album as her "RAY OF LIGHT" and her team even forcing her to pen that introducing letter as if the poor woman had had any say at any stage of making that... compilation of polished writer's demos.

    I'm happy that the conservatorship is over, that we can now openly hate that career mistake known as her "most personal" album.
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  9. I agree that Work Bitch, Perfume and Alien are decent additions to her discography but between the M*ah thing and what we know now about the circumstances around its creation, there's such a dark cloud over Britney Jean, I would be ok not hearing anything from it ever again. Work Bitch in particular sounds like such a cruel joke considering what they made her do.
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  10. I kinda enjoy It Should Be Easy as a euro style, basic, trashy bop but it is no hill I am ready to die on.
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  11. I’ve said it before, but there’s definitely a usable EP within Britney Jean, but I also wouldn’t feel a single thing if I never heard one of those songs ever again.
  12. I actually took his part out and replaced it with Luda's verse from Yeah and it fits so much better...
    Especially throwing around the Tik Tik Boom "Yeah!" ad libs in it...
  13. He


    That album is best left hidden and forgotten. It really soils her legacy.
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  14. She should just release an updated Collection now (digital and physical) the way she re-released Glory, with some mastered unreleased songs to celebrate.

    And as a bonus disc the Vegas Show.
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  15. I'm sorry if this feels direct to anyone who liked Britney Jean, but that is not a Britney Spears album.
    Aside from the vocal fiasco, let's talk about the other issues that album has.
    A trademark for a Britney album is the sound and personality it has.
    Her albums are known for pushing a direction for what sound the songs with have.
    Even if the album gets lost somewhere in it's tracklisting (Circus) or let's a few songs falter away from the main direction.
    Britney Jean just reeked of passed around demos. It felt like they didn't craft a single song for Britney in mind and just put out for demos that were being up for grabs.
    It didn't push her discography into a new direction, it didn't staple it's name to be amongst her greatest works.
    And Britney is an artist that 1000% knows what works and what doesn't for her and her discography. She knows with her heart and creativity what to do to branch out that 9/10 times, does wonders.

    If her voice was on that album 100% it still wouldn't be acclaimed by her fans.
    Though it probably would have faired better being an EP if they insisted.

    On that same note, Work Bitch should have been a stand alone promotional single for Vegas and hopefully in the future, Britney can re-record that song with her vocals completely on it. Or do it now if they have them on file from Vegas.
  16. I still think Britney actually had a hand in co-writing most, if not all, of the mid-tempos/ballads on the album. The demo for "Alien" for example has an empty verse where they probably had her write. She seemed very fond of that track as well. But the credits for that entire project put into question anything she may have done for it. It just comes across like a post-humous release, which is so dark to think about considering everything we know now. I remember really trying to connect with it when it came out, because I genuinely couldn't fathom not liking a Britney album, and felt like I was missing something (that thing ultimately being Britney herself dd). It's the only album of hers I haven't purchased or downloaded.
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  17. I hope they never try the credits game again, I hate when artists do that. Just be honest. Glory seemed very balanced and truthful.
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  18. This is why we can trust Dua's taste going forward. Glory is a solid album that deserves more recognition.
  19. Dua stanning Glory made my week. Such a great album and I know Britney is really proud of it. So many bops.
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