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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I actually think "Perfume" is one of her worst singles. The production is so limp, and the lyrics are pretty clunky. "I'm gonna mark my territory" conjures an especially unpleasant image.
  2. Still not too late for Love Me Down featuring Ms. Dua
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  3. Don't know what the consensus on this song is around here, but it's always been my favorite from the album.
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  4. The adlibs on Love Me Down are gorgeous. I could listen to those alone for days.
  5. Dua stanning Glory! We love to see it!!!
  6. I love the song but from stems that leaked it looks like the "I knoooooooooooow" adlib is the background vocalist.
  7. Club Glory is coming.
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  8. !!!
    Not Queen Dua proactively promoting Glory to the masses, I...

  9. Dua Wanna Come Over anybody?
  10. Ok but this would actually sound amazing
  11. Oh yes this is it. Especially if Dua replaced the Perez Hilton-like male voice in the chorus.
  12. Just add her Hallucinate verse and it's ready.
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  13. She seems so much more at peace, we love to see it.

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  15. I love that for her, but I'm probably more gagged that "best in prayers" is actually an anagram of Britney Spears.
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  16. Her mind is too much
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  17. Great prayers beautiful prayers.
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  18. At least she’s dancing to a good JT song

  19. I love how much she loves Billie. She really would sound so amazing on something like ilomilo and I’m ecstatic to know she listens to it.
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  20. Glad to see she’s doing well. I’m kind of assuming the “hopefully in 3 months” might be about a hopeful pregnancy?
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