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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I love this! I think someone else said it earlier but this is what I see her music being like when she starts recording again. Singing about freedom and stuff but in a fun way.

    I get the feeling some people think she will start recording really personal music when she returns but I just don't see it, music is her escape!
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  2. Because it's about dancing your fuck off.
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  3. I just don’t see this kind of music aligning with her personal tastes, though. The “fun” aspect of it yes, most probably, but she’s always been partial to sounds that are more R&B/hiphop-tinged. Her favorites from her own work have been consistently the likes of Breathe on Me and Boys.
  4. Eh, I think Britney likes a lot of different music, as evidenced by her Instagram posts. Of course she likes ~vibey R&B stuff, but she also dances to straight up club music as well.
  5. This has quickly become one of my fave Britney songs...

    Not speaking for the songwriters, but the title has been loosely used in the dance world (that I've seen)...
    When I choreograph/teach I myself have said as well as others to peeps who are "shy" to just "dance away any fucks you give about what others think..." so for me the title/lyrics are SO perfect... and that beat?
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  6. Breathe On Me is not an r&b song...
  7. I'd be more than willing to prance up and down all the aisles in my local supermarkets with My Only Wish blasting in order for it to become a hit.
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  8. Dance Your Fk Off goes OFF! It would sit perfectly next to Do You Wanna Come Over! PLEASE Britney release it.
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  9. I think Britney likes all types of music, just watch all the videos she posts on Instagram - Madonna, Jason Mraz, James Brown, Ed Sheeran(unfortunately), Bush, to name a few.
  10. It has trip-hop elements though, which is why I put it in that category.

    I meant more of when she records music for her own catalog, she leans more into those soundscapes. Or maybe my image is that I don't really see her genuinely liking Femme Fatale and Britney Jean dddd
  11. Even outside of Femme Fatale and Britney Jean, she still has dance songs in her discography that are more trendy, though. They sound different to “DYFO” because the trends were different when they came out, but that song is not so far out of line with tracks on Glory, like “Clumsy” or “Better” or even “Matches”. I don’t think anyone is saying that’s all her music is going to be, because Britney’s music in general has always been about fun and escapism. They’re just saying they’re not expecting her to go full confessional just because she’s free from this shitty situation she’s been in. It’s like when people expected Kylie to be singing about her cancer on her comeback album and she released X instead, which all but avoided the topic altogether.
  12. I always just liked the idea of incorporating personal touches in the lyrics.
    Like Gimme More, Circus, and Kill the Lights did.
    Some of my favs.
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  13. Scream & Shout has been certified 2x Platinum in the UK for over 1.2 million units, becoming Britney's 2nd song to reach that milestone.

    3x Platinum - "...Baby One More Time" - 1,800,000
    2x Platinum - "Scream & Shout" - 1,200,000
    1x Platinum - "Oops!... I Did It Again" - 600,000
    1x Platinum - "Toxic" - 600,000
    1x Platinum - “Womanizer” - 600,000
    1x Gold - "Sometimes" - 400,000
    1x Gold - "Born to Make You Happy" - 400,000
    1x Gold - "Everytime" - 400,000
    1x Gold - "Gimme More" - 400,000
    1x Gold - "Piece of Me" - 400,000
    1x Gold - "Circus" - 400,000
    1x Gold - "(You Drive Me) Crazy" - 400,000
    1x Silver - "Lucky" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "Stronger" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "I'm a Slave 4 U" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "Overprotected" - 200,000
    1x Silver - “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” - 200,000
    1x Silver - "Me Against the Music" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "If U Seek Amy" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "3" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "Hold It Against Me" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "Till the World Ends" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "Work Bitch" - 200,000
    1x Silver - "My Only Wish (This Year)" - 200,000

    Total: 10,000,000 certified singles

    Toxic is next with 1.15 million units as of last month! Her single certifications have gone up by 2 million in the past 12 months.
  14. I would have thought Lucky, Stronger and Slave would be Gold in the UK, very surprising.
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  15. They're actually not too far off at all! Slave was released while single sales were on the decline and its streaming stats were piss poor until this year.
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  16. Queen acknowledged her award.
  17. Not Britney reading this and then posting a video with We No Speak Americano.
  18. I am so in love with Dance Your F Off. It oozes fun, joy, confidence and energy in a way only Britney can do. I hope she does more songs like this.
    Having her in full control of her talent and music will make such a huge impact that she can afford to have something more carefree.

    Kylie's X is a good reference. After such a dark time she came back with a confident set of songs that showed she was back and ready to show the lessers how to do it. I can picture Britney doing the same.
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