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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Listened to the singles collection today and while I hate that Sometimes isn’t there, leaving out Lucky is criminal. Guess it was cut because of record length but it’s just so Britney that its omission is wrong.

    Also whenever I hear Toxic I expect her to immediately say OUTRAGEOUS the second it stops.
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  2. Where? Where are they?
  3. Isn’t it more or less in how the beat is laid out? The influence feels especially prominent in the middle-eight.

    Anyway, now, I know Britney was the go to antithesis marketing experiment for more “serious” artists, but I didn’t expect to see Jessica Simpson here… Always strange how teen pop consistently gets people so riled up.
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  4. The fact most of those artists are nowhere to be found and Britney is still the name in everyone’s mouth.
  5. Jessica… the irony.
  6. KID ROCK of all people dunking on Britney... how the turn tables.
  7. And I’m sure some will say she remained relevant because of her personal issues, but her music and iconography continue to get rediscovered and reappraised. I think there’s also something to be said about people constantly putting down something unashamedly “youth culture”.
  8. I just think it's funny how Britney gets flack for only doing in their opinion, "generic teeny bopper pop stuff" yet Britney was on a plane constantly around the world giving 110% every moment on interviews, promotion, live stage performances. And that's why her name is still big today, she knew what giving your all entails and nobody's work ethic really came close to hers.
  9. I personally think it makes zero sense to say she’s inauthentic when the themes in her music mostly revolved around things teen girls go through… being a teen girl herself. As she grew up, the music grew with her. You could argue it stagnated somewhere around Circus for obvious reasons, but she has one of, if not the best evolutions from adolescence to adulthood among the pop girls.
  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    While I do think people were overly nasty and this statement is true for most of these artists (did Timbo even say something mean? Was Jessica being mean or just saying what she was told to?) but Trent Reznor won an Oscar last year and is up for multiple Grammys this year.
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  11. Hence why I said MOST not all.
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Oop, my misreading! Sorry, I'm used to the all or nothing nature of this thread!
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  13. *this forum
    **this internet
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  14. That’s okay!

    I am such a Glory moment it’s really crowning jewel after the last few albums, it’s just imagine what she will do with full control.
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  15. Trent’s comment being the usual “I just don’t think she’s being authentic” rockist BS that was so prevalent in the 90s and 2000s. I always found that ironic when it comes to Britney, because I feel like she might be the most authentic pop star around, and I think people can see that (regardless if they want to publicly acknowledge it), and it scares them. She’s always been 100% herself in an industry where most of these so called real musicians and artists end up being the most fake.

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  16. The way any of these would have made a far better Femme Fatale album cover than the one we got...

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  17. If this shoot hadn’t been used for the Circus and Singles era yes
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  18. I watched the musical "Once Upon A One More Time" that's doing its pre-Broadway run in Washington D.C. over the weekend. There are some preview pics here as well as an interesting article about the making of it and Britney's involvement for those interested.

    For those who have seen "& Juliet" ... it felt like a (not as good) copy of that. Well-known female characters realizing their stories are misogynistic and that they have the power to write their own destinies. It was cute and there were some great jokes, but having just seen "& Juliet", it was hard not to compare and I definitely felt "& Juliet" was much more clever and had better song arrangements. But overall it was a fun night and I will be interested to see it again when it comes to Broadway and they have proper production and have made all their changes.

    Will put the rest under spoiler tag in case people don't want more details...

    The story and script were a little clunky. There was a white male narrator who used all the trigger words that many women have heard throughout the years like that they're being 'shrill' or 'difficult' - but it felt contrived and forced. Overall, it felt like it could have been a little darker and more PG-13.

    The highlight script moment for me was that Prince Charming was the prince in every fairy tale and all the princesses come together to sing "Womanizer" at him. Prince Charming was played by Justin Guarini and he did an amazing job and literally had all the best moments in the show - which is unfortunate given that the whole show is about female empowerment.

    Music-wise...all the main singles were there with some interesting omissions and some bizarre album track choices (the climax moment at the end of the second half is "Passenger" ...what?!). While some moments were fun and hilarious (Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters singing "Work Bitch" at her and Prince Charming's "Make Me..." and "Oops!" performances were particularly memorable), some songs didn't hit as hard as I wanted them to and they changed a LOT of lyrics in every song which I wasn't a huge fan of.
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  19. Ooh, thanks for this, I completely forgot this was happening ddd.
    Do you remember any of the lyrics that they changed? Just curious to know how/why it happened.
  20. I don't remember specific lines, but there were big lyric changes in every song to try and tie in to the story a bit more. Some were minor like singing "fairy tale girl" instead of "Hollywood girl" in "Lucky" but others were full verse changes like in "Toxic" or the rap in "Make Me".
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