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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. RMK


    One of the biggest Britney fan tendencies I've noticed over the years is everyone thinking she's going to retire every five minutes. It's kind of iconic.

    She was saying goodbye in 2006, they said.
  2. She said on her “Intention” post that singing, writing, and dancing were some of her intentions going forward, so I interpreted it as her confirming that she’s still going to make music ddd.
  3. Blackout still has me on a chokehold 14 years later ddd.Gimme More just doesn’t get old.

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  4. Britney was always my top artist until this year. I feel like I betrayed her! Screenshot_20211201-134728_Spotify.jpg
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  5. They look so sexy together! Also this is the first time he’s referring to her as his wife right? Did they elope? She’s also wearing a different ring in the latest paparazzi pics… if so, I’m stoked for her! She deserves the world!

    Edit: she’s still calling him her fiancé, so I guess we got that cleared up right away!

  6. I wonder if she's still going to Hawaii or somewhere different?
  7. Hopefully not, since that’s part of the country!
  8. Loving the Sailor Moon boots dd
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  9. Happy 40th to our Queen.

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  10. Happy Birthday Britney, I hope you enjoy your first birthday being fully free and end up with new candles left right and centre!

    Whenever it's her birthday I always think about Circus, which was released THIRTEEN years ago now. It's so hard to get my head around, it seems like just yesterday I was skipping school to get the CD/DVD special edition of it worried it would sell out ddd.
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  11. Forty, FREE, and thriving - I am so happy Britney. I hope she has the best birthday ever.

    Also, I spy that Cinematic video mode - Queen upgraded to the latest iPhone and we love to see it!
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  12. That cake is amazing!

    Happy Birthday, Britney!
  13. That cake looks so bomb!! I hope Britney is having the best possible day doing whatever she wants and being treated like the queen we all know she is. Happy Britney Day y’all!
  14. Happy birthday Brit!

    Also… this is fine but I hope all my coin went to Britney[​IMG]
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  15. Happy birthday mom!

    Not me actually dreaming that she dropped a full album which included a major bop called Candlelight dd
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  16. It's honestly so pleasing to see Brit free and able to enjoy her 40th birthday however the fuck she wants.

    I hope she feels as much joy as she's given to us all over the years, she deserves nothing less.

    Happy Birthday Britney! Here's to 40 more years of twirling.

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