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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Clip from the recording sessions!
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  2. I hope they leak the song in lossless!
  3. A full on essay from her today

    She talks about not wanting to tour and the Diane Sawyer interview
  4. 2001: "I'm not A Girl, Not Yet a Woman."

    2021: "'Ma'am I'm a Catholic slut."

    I fucking love this... catholic slut.
  5. "Ma'am I'm a catholic slut !!!"

    I actually burst out laughing at this. The way she goes from hot chocolate to Christmas present ideas for baby girls to Kevin Hart to Diane Sawyer....

    She woke up and said I have some THINGS to say today!
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  6. She snapped. Also feel like we’re getting a full circle moment with the Notes app. Website diary entry but make it 2021.
  7. ummm is she dragging Diane’s… dead husband..? i’m confused at that part lmao
  8. Her stream of consciousness is truly out of this world. Iconic.
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  9. Wow, so interesting to hear her opinion about that Diana Sawyer interview! She has so many things she wants to get of her chest. She should write a book.
  10. It's the "You wanna join me at mass and I can serve your husband my certificate on shopping for anonymous players" for me
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  11. Queen of getting shoes from JLo, hot chocolate and cheese grits, Casa Gaga, being a Catholic slut and being embarrassed for the State of California!!!!! So happy to see her talking her shit now.
  12. She has the most interesting train of thought I swear. It is a bit sad to read tho that even in her prime there seemed to be many business and career decisions she did not fully agree with.
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  13. Sad, but not surprising. She wrote on her website back in 2004 that she didn't agree with some of the things happening with her career back then, and you could tell there was some resentment there towards her family and management. And of course in Chaotic, she talks about whoever booked her tour being insane because she felt it was too much.
  14. It's the insert-here-the-first-emoji-suggested after every 10 words for me.
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  15. Was she noticeably seen less frequently out and about after her breakup with Justin? I don’t remember that gap between Britney and In The Zone that much. In any case, yeah, that shopping problem was such a weird question, considering she didn’t even have a big spender reputation… I think ever?
  16. Old lady has to bring up a tabloid covering her spending 1 thousand bucks on sportswear to lead into that question, when any sane person would agree that sportswear are expensive as fuck.
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  17. She was actually out a lot in that time. That’s when the tabloids started to latch on to her. Maybe she’s referring to the days immediately after the breakup I’m not sure.
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  18. They broke up in March 2002 while she was promoting Crossroads but she was actively avoiding that question in interviews. Then she took a couple weeks off before going on tour. I think she means she couldn't talk about it in interviews.
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  19. Uh, not at all actually. That was when Britney: The Party Girl phase really began. She says so herself in For the Record. This was the era of Fred Durst, Colin Farrell, and insinuating to a reporter that she had tried cocaine. She was out all the time. In fairness to her she was 21. And she was working on In the Zone and test running songs at nightclubs.
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