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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. That being so out of the blue makes me wonder if she’s revisiting some of her old content- I’d love so much for someone to get a sit down interview with her reacting to her career.

    Also loving her plain honesty about how she’s just happy that she can buy chocolate on her own. I’m glad she’s sounding like she’s finding peace.

    (the white wine gave me Chillin With You war flashbacks)
  2. I do hope she does a sit down, one day. With someone she can trust. She always seemed to like Michael Strahan's interviews with her, and albeit (ugh) Mario Lopez.... but I don't think they'd really ask her the deep, dark questions. Her interview with Oprah in 2001 was great. The Matt Lauer's & Dianne Sawyer's of the world can rot.
  3. Well, we all know that Britney has a weird sense of time so I’m guessing when she says “a year”, it could actually just have been a couple of days/weeks dddd
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  4. It's so sad her team overworking her basically killed her passion for performing.
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  5. I think she's hated touring even before the conservatorship which is why she wanted to do Vegas in the first place. It can take a huge toll on you, especially as overworked as she was in 2008-18.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Seeing her write about the joy and slight embarrassment of accessing $300 on her arguably the biggest popstar of the modern pop era. The severity of the conservatorship really can't be underscored enough.
  7. From the end of 2002 onwards she was splitting her time between New York and London, shopping and lunch dates with her girlfriends by day and clubbing with the gays at night with some record sessions somewhere in-between. Truly living her best life.
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  8. Yeah, she spoke about wanting to do Vegas back in 2005:

    I think she'd prefer smaller scale shows with very limited dates like the M&Ms tour if she want to travel, but also staying in one spot when she's not. I can see her returning to Vegas completely on her terms whenever/if ever that time comes.
  9. Britney's touring schedule was absolutely insane from 1998 - 2004.

    Mall Tour: June - October '98
    NSYNC Tour: November '98 - February '99
    ...Baby, One More Time: June - September '99
    Crazy 2K: March - April 2000
    Oops!: June - November 2000
    Dream Within a Dream: November - December 2001, May - July 2002
    Onyx Hotel: March - June 2004

    Between all of those dates, she released 4 albums, did unrelenting worldwide promo, shot nearly 20 music videos, made a movie, and on, and on, and on. She truly never stopped.
  10. Deleted her notes app post and reposted with just the picture.
  11. I always forget Britney's first tour was a mall tour ddd. Was she the last pop star to do one? I feel like that whole trend was on a steady decline starting in the late 80s and finally died off after the new millennium.
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  12. I think Justin Bieber did mall tours and most likely was the last generation to do it.
  13. Fifth Harmony did them I think nn
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  14. yeah I remember 5H doing some early on when they just left X Factor.
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  15. "Worked her ass off" is not even a proper definition for a schedule like this. I already get dizzy just reading this...
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  17. Watching that interview again and I cant believe Diane had the audacity to bring up that a woman said she would like to shoot Britney and then take her side!

    It's really shocking the degree of unrelenting and baseless criticism to which interviewers - men and women - were able to get away with back in the day.
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  18. Relatable Queen.

  19. Diane Sawyer is human garbaj.
  20. I swear this forum is cursed when it comes to Tweets because whenever people post them they're deleted or hidden within a few hours nn.
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