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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The court papers state that over the course of the conservatorship, Mr. Spears approved the payment of more than $30 million in fees to dozens of law firms, “including large payments for evidently small matters, as well as significant overlap in work performed.”

    $30 million in unnecessary legal fees. When her entire estate is now estimated to be worth $55 million. They were bleeding her dry.
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  2. I knew there was a reason behind me waking up at 3am last night with a terrible heartburn, Jesus.
  3. It seems to me it’s through religion that Lou’s managed to get her claws so deep into these poor ignorant asses.
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  4. Religion being used as a tool to control people shocker.
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  5. This bit from the court filings was wild. I suppose that was what "Britney’s" posts around that time praising her dad’s cooking were really about nn
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  6. The absolute delusion to think anyone would ever be interested in watching that.
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  7. Jailie Spears when.
  8. It's extremely sad that you need to send such a letter to your sister. But it's was the logical next step.
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  9. Honestly the sheer audacity of JL and Mr. JL to act as if they never got a penny from Britney only to find out they were paid 176k (not 1.5m sorry) from the estate? Are they that delusional to think it was somehow... work in service to the estate so it doesn't count ...?
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  10. I know this is quite late because it's been trending on TikTok for weeks now, but it's really a vibe. It could've been spiced up more midway, but I guess that's TikTok viral for you

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  11. There needs to be a criminal trial for what he has done. He cornered her into his control and then absolutely plundered her earnings like his own personal piggy bank. It’s absolutely disgusting.

    JL was complicit because she and her husband got on the payroll. These people are reprehensible.
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  12. Send them all to jail!! The sheer level of hatred I have for her horrid “family” knows no limits.

    I appreciate Britney being able to freely speak her mind and respond almost immediately to all the crap Judas Lynne spews. The way Britney has managed to stay level headed and even find moments of humour and levity throughout all of this is astonishing.

    I don’t know a stronger woman, I simply do not know!!
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  13. I can’t stop thinking about how this book was slated for release while Britney was still under the conservatorship. They were probably going to use it as a desperate last attempt to paint her as crazy to justify keeping her in it. Seeing her send her own cease and desist letter is so powerful.
  14. She has held on to so much resentment because of the actions of her family, the fact she referenced the People photoshoot from almost two decades ago? There must be countless instances of betrayal, the fact she is still even here alive is testament to her mental strength.
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  15. An aside, how was Britney able to see Justin’s family than her own Mom? Did Justin’s family relocate to LA/New York? It does seem kind of weird (and a bit not) in retrospect that the Spears didn’t just move to LA when Britney blew up.
  16. I swear I could have made it up but did I read in a podcast summary that Jamie Lynn said Jamie resented Britney's success? Like... how? Make it make sense.
  17. I don't think he resented it, it's probably more that he was very envious because his successful, talented, legendaric etc daughter was able to make something of himself whilst he is a parasite.
  18. He probably resented the fact that she made sure he had nothing to do with her career and made no money off her, which is so important to note. I mean the fact that she was able to withhold so much power and control at such a young age despite her upbringing and poisonous father... she cut him loose and called every shot. As she said in her statement, he loved the fact that he could take eventually take control of her and her money.
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  19. Yes, that’s what she said. He didn’t want to live in the house that Britney bought for Lynne back then, which is why Jamie Lynn accuses Britney of siding with their mom (providing her with a way out of the relationship with Jamie) and messing up the family dynamics.
  20. Question. Now that Britney issued a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn, does that mean they can sue if part 2 gets released on that Call Her Daddy podcast interview?
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