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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I can't imagine having Britney Spears as an older sister at 12 years old and not worshipping the ground she walked on.
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  2. This is has surprised me too! Of the two of them Britney always seemed the most chill/unbothered by the whole thing, and lately is seems she was... not unbothered.
  3. Island

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    To add to this, let's not make posts suggesting physical harm to be done to Jamie Lynn, however "in jest" it may be, whether it be current or retroactive. I know we're reacting to Britney's post, but there is a line here and it is inappropriate.

    Let's just let Britney react as she deservedly earned the the right to do so.
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  4. I'm ready for this picture to be her book cover.

  5. It's absolutely heartbreaking hearing how she used to be close to Jaime Lynn, used to be close to Justin's mom, used to be close to this assistant, or that dancer...etc It makes sense given the lengths her abusers went to, to keep people away, but it sounds like she's left truly without anyone that's consistently been with her since the beginning, that understands what she's gone through at every stage of her life. Assuming there's no beef we're unaware of, I really hope Britney can reconnect with Felicia because they've obviously had so much love between them. She knows first hand how Britney's family can be too, so I'd imagine she could be a great shoulder to lean on while her family continue to gaslight her like this.
  6. When Britney posts something again with additional information it’s because it’s an extended mix version.
  7. I’ve only just noticed that the caption is simply credit for the first image on the carousel.

    Britney may be venting, but she will always respect copyright.
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  8. Still nothing from the court hearing?
  9. I know that pre-teens will pre-teen, but 12 year olds dressing like Stripped era Xtina??
  10. I suspect the reason she's posting these vents online is because she knows any calls to her sister or mother would likely be recorded and used against her.

    I mean for fuck sake a man can post whatever the fuck he wants and not have his sanity questioned.
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  11. I mean, it’s not like she was running around in a thong and chaps. She just put black streaks in her hair dd.
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  12. Oh right, I forgot that could also be a Stripped era trademark. I was thinking the chaps and that blue scarf she wore at the VMAs dd. When people my age were trying to give Xtina, it was usually also the highlights in the Come On Over video.
  13. You gonna try and silent the woman for 13+ years and now you're gonna sit down and take what she has to say!

    Sad part is, given all that Britney went through in her childhood to early adult life, she was willing to be there for her family and support them but they just let the greed take over.

    Come on, we all know that it must feel so therapeutic for her to say all this stuff and get it off her chest.
    That's why we respect the hell out of her for doing it.
    Surely if Gosengart thought otherwise, he would be advising Britney and she'd agree.

    And as horrifying as everything we've learn so far through Britney's words and court documents are, we do gotta remember that Brit said herself, there's so much more disgusting things we don't know about.
    So surely that's helping to spark the fire in her to speak out about her family publicly.
  14. The announcement of that Part 2 podcast was deleted

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  15. Oh thank God
    I really do hope they decided not to air it.
    I would gain some respect for the host if she realized the error of her ways.
  16. Honestly at this point, I don't think we want to go there to even find out what she thinks of Felicia. The only person that's safe is Lady Gaga.
  17. Stripped is what came to mind when Britney said “dark hair”, because it was 2002, which is when that album was released. I couldn’t find any photos of Jamie Lynn with that hair from then, though, so part of me feels like she jumped ahead a few years to 2006-2007 as an aside, because that’s when Jamie Lynn had black in her hair. But, yeah, either way I feel like that style is heavily associated with Xtina.
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  18. She really hates Christina, doesn’t she. It sounds like resents that Jamie Lynn got to live a different life than her. I do feel sorry for her.
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  19. Yeah I have a feeling she would have some bad things to say too. If she wanted to see her, I think they’d be in touch already.
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