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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The idea that she meticulously searched for an eggnog stock image to illustrate a post mentioning chocolate milkshakes and made sure it came from an identified production house so that she could remain respectful to her fellow artists on social media amidst everything is the reason why I go to bed every night knowing I stan the right woman. I know it sounds very cliché and has been used to death by all fanbases but aside from school and family, she truly is a big influence on the person I've become and I'm beyond thankful for that. I hope she somehow is aware of the positive impacts that she's made on many people.
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  2. The thought of "Lightfield Productions" waking up to a notification from Britney Spears and those notes screenshots absolutely sends me. Like she genuinely cracks me up. I love her.

    Lightfield Productions:

  3. I'm sure she probably has plenty of things to say about Larry and other people she has worked with over the years. But obviously she's most hurt by her family, since they were supposed to be there for her....that probably feels like absolute betrayal.

  4. She looks SO good. I’m crying.
  5. Those boots remind me of the poster they had on the wall at Applebee’s when I was growing up.

  6. A few members in a Britney group I'm part of on Facebook have been sharing screenshots of them... sending Sean messages on his private Instagram about Britney.

    Something just doesn't sit right with me about Britney fans in their late twenties/thirties messaging her kids, some people in her fanbase really are ridiculous.

    *Apologies if we can't post things about her kids please delete if this is the case*
  7. Her post is so Southern. I love her forever.
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  8. THE FASH-I-ÓN - Vogue had it right when they said she's one of the most influential style icons of the past 20 years.
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  9. They fired back at Britney's cease and desist by saying Britney's threats to Jamie Lynn are sparking up her fan base to send death threats to Britney's family.
    Good lord.
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  10. How can she not look good seeing the man who sleeps with her?

  11. It's so fucking calculated.
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  12. I’d love for the last post to be the lyrics to her new single. It could be her ‘lucozade’.
  13. How interesting. The response is written by the the same lawyer Sam Lutfi once hired to defend himself against... Lynne Spears.
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  14. I’d blame Wendy Williams for encouraging that more than Britney.
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  15. Given the bullshit written in this letter, I’m going to give some thoughts on several of the points mentioned. Simply because I genuinely find it outstanding that they don’t seem to have grasped that the previous status quo no longer exists.

    First of all, I laughed at the letter directly referencing some of Britney’s comments. An iconic wordsmith and its great to see her talents being showcased.

    Jamie Lynn / her lawyers stating it is ‘disappointing’ to see Britney’s letter appear across the media, is frankly hilarious, given the fact that this letter was provided directly to TMZ.

    Likewise, it is equally hilarious that they feel it is appropriate to cite any privacy concerns, given the fact Jamie Lynn has literally just released a 200+ page book where Britney’s name is referenced hundreds of times. Not to mention, Jamie Lynn has given numerous interviews discussing Britney and her relationship with her sister and has gone as far as sharing their private messages during a podcast. I really do not think Jamie Lynn or her lawyers are in any position to be positioning themselves as the gatekeepers of privacy.

    I understand that Jamie Lynn has recently proven time and time again that she is a narcissist, but to continually reference her suffering or trauma, whilst at the same time stirring up gossip or speculation around her sister’s own experiences and trauma, just wreaks of arrogance.

    The mention that Jamie Lynn was constantly silenced by the family? I appreciate that growing up in that family was obviously toxic and I don’t doubt that Jamie Lynn has had some terrible experiences like Britney. But are they seriously going to act as though Jamie Lynn was silenced in a manner more seeiousoy than Britney, who was stripped of every single one of her basic rights for 13 years?

    And fundamentally, and I think most importantly, even if Britney didn’t post a single thing on social media, many people would still outraged by the contents of Jamie Lynn’s book and the way Jamie Lynn is choosing to promote it.

    I don’t think that it’s yet clicked for Jamie Lynn that her latest endeavour is highly inflammatory and that by detailing aspects of her sisters private life and her relationship with Britney, she has welcomed this criticism. Everything about this appears calculated and opportunistic.
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  16. Do as I say, not as I do.
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  17. I just can't. Screenshot_20220120-093012_Twitter.jpg
  18. Part 2 was just uploaded by that interview girl… which is single-handedly called “The Conservatorship”. And JL still wants to play the “I matter. I have a voice, too! I want to talk about MY life!” card? Sure, sis. Sure.

    Edit: I’ve finished watching it and I can’t believe how point blank stupid this girl is. Like seriously, some of the things she says are absolutely mind-boggling. She suggested to Britney that she should just move out of California for 6 months and that way the conservatorship would be dissolved automatically. So was she not aware that Brits every move was absolutely watched and controlled by Team Con? Also the messages she shows in order to clear her name and prove that she tried to help her sister are from November 2020. 2020! That’s over 12 years into this freaking abusive and absolutely disgusting conservatorship. I… I really don’t know what else to say. I’m kind of speechless.
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  19. I'm not Team Jamie Lynn, but in fairness she does say in those texts that she was trying to help her figure things out in Hawaii and got busted. That would have been March 2016.
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