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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Also not team Jamie Lynn but Britney not responding makes me kind of sad in that... did Jamie Lynn even have the right phone number at the time? We were told that they would give Britney the wrong numbers/give other people the wrong number for her cell.
  2. TR


    The fact that JL is defending Jamie Spears in those messages and her giving interviews from Lou Taylor's house indicates that she's still solidly in Team Con, doesn't it?
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  3. Pat


    But didn't we learn that Britney did not have access to her own mobile phone during the conservatorship? Did she even receive these messages?
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  4. Need I remind, that it looks like the timeframe in those texts were from early December in 2020.

    Britney's been talking about other time frames, so Jamie Lynn could very well just be monopolizing on a time she knew she was texting Britney more and not getting a response. For all we know, Britney could have had her phone taken away/ privileges revoked.
    Does not mean she tried to help her sister.

    And I'm sorry, those screenshots prove nothing. (Let alone TRASHY for posting them in that situation)
    Why didn't you try EVERYDAY for 13 years.
    I'm super close with my sister, I goddamn well would have clearly noticed she was unhappy or whether she was needing the help she needed. Let alone being taken advantage of
    Why did she let her sister get sent to a mental institution? Why didn't she fight for everything in her power for her sister?
    Why why? Why?
    I'm so sick of her. Please let this woman fade into obscurity.
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  5. She had access to an iPhone, they spoke about it in Controlling Britney. It was just monitored.
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  7. As if text message screenshots are proof of anything in 2022. They don't even show as delivered, which is a basic feature of successfully transmitted iMessages. Even if the messages DID get through, we now have proof that Britney's communications were being monitored and her phone was mirrored on another device.

    Not to mention that the content of the messages was defending Jamie of all people. Of course Jamie wanted to end the conservatorship at that point. He didn't want an investigation.
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  8. Right?
    And what if Britney knew this and was afraid to agree with Jamie Lynn and text that. Because she knew they'd come for her and ruin her life again.
  9. Omg ahaha!
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  11. RMK


    Jamie Lynn exploiting the conservatorship and stealing the chance for Britney to speak on her own abuse for an autobiography and monetary gain is what speaks volumes here. I believe those texts are real, but clearing her name is virtually impossible.
  12. Who has their sister saved in their phones as “My Sister”… this proves nothing that could be anyone she’s assigned that name to.
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  13. Fans trying to find signs the texts are fake are missing the point that the text themselves are an indictment that Jamie Lynn and Britney can't reconcile because of JL putting her feelings and projections of reality first.

    One read from the text shows a daughter helplessly finding ways to defend her father's actions, meanwhile the other daughter is describing what amounts to decades of both physical and mental abuse, not only against her but her children by their grandfather.

    It just makes me certain that Jamie Lynn resents Britney trying to get justice from her father for his wrongdoing that was likely criminal and sees Britney's suffering as yet another thing denying them their ability to be a "normal family", as though someone isn't entitled to the justice to see the people who literally had them institutionalized be punished. I just feel bad for Britney and hope she gets all she needs to heal from the decades of trauma and pain forced on her.
  14. I mean I once named my sister "hoebag" in my phone. But I get what you're saying.
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  15. Love seeing her loved up and happy.

  16. I already see her stanning this in one of her IG clips.
  17. Imagine walking past Britney Spears in the street though! My brain would be mush for weeks after!
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