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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Rise up Rebellion, this is the beginning!
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  2. That’s how I always imagine we’d get The Original Doll.
  3. At this point any rarities/unreleased collection needs to be called The Original Doll just to ease the fans over this non album.
  4. As much as I'd love a perfectly-executed comeback campaign, I think it's even more exciting to imagine that Britney can (and will) do whatever the fuck she wants on her own terms, even if it's messy. The prospect of her having the freedom to drop whatever she wants whenever she wants is really gratifying.
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  5. You spit at them all you want Britney.

  6. From the 13years of Cship these 4 months in the facility seems to be have been the hardest. It hurts to read. Such a strong woman. She is and will be an inspiration for many many many people.

  7. God this was heartbreaking to read. Truly praying she finds peace and happiness. She deserves the world.
  8. I can only imagine how bleak life must feel living through that. Being constantly gaslit, isolated, subjected to endless evaluations, denied basic human rights. And the only people you'd expect to have your best interest, your family, leave you out to dry so they can rob you of your money. It's truly a horror story.
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  9. What was it? She deleted it again.
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  10. It was saying about how everyone around her made her feel like she was ill (when she wasn't but had to see doctors and give blood) and making her feel depressed (telling her she can't go home or have her car), when she was at that facility. She said she dreams of spitting in her family's faces.
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  11. "When I Found You" just came on shuffle.

  12. She really suffered in that facility. I hope in time it gets a little bit better.

  13. The fact that Britney has said multiple times before that even something horrible as that "doesn't even come close to sharing all of what they did"'s so chilling to imagine how much grief she was put through.
  14. It truly hurts now when you think the amount of times people would mention (myself included) her seeming "dead behind the eyes". Because to survive she did have to switch herself off.

    The best revenge will be for her to live a happy life and cut the shitty family members off like the infectious scabs they are.
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  15. It's so horrible but I was looking at her tiktok and the couple of videos before the facility- it's really such a marked difference. Her demeanor and movements and speech are all so affected when she comes back. It's so sad and scary to think of how many other people went though this same facility?
  16. WAY too many...
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  17. I want to remind everyone that she was put there and prescribed lithium as retribution for not cooperating with doing another residency so close to the last one. Literal slave runners.
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  18. It is an absolute nightmare inducing story.

    There must, must, must be criminal charges brought eventually.
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  19. That was hard to read. The say karma is a b*tch? Well, if that's true her family MUST be punished for this. Big time. Because the way they used, abused and tortured her is... well, I can't even find the right word for it. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially not Britney who is always nice and sweet and did everything she could for her family.
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  20. A lot of folks deserve jail.
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