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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. How is Hard To Forget You a Spice Girls tribute?
  2. Skimming through and the fact Britney Jean tracks minus Work Bitch and Perfume not being all low shows the lack of taste or ears...

    I mean Big Fat Bass being lower than It Should Be Easy?
  3. The American Alexis Petridis.
  4. Rob Sheffield is a menace.
  5. Everytime I see his work being brought up I just can't help but wonder how someone so ill-suited to their profession ends up at Rolling Stone of all places
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  6. Well... we've seen the state of Rolling Stone for the past 15 years, right?
  7. RMK


    This is random, but I really dislike when an artists discography is piled with the wrong number of songs or random moments. Like, okay, shoot for more than her albums. But don't pull demos of songs she never released or live performances. Telephone is a Lady Gaga song. Hollywood isn't a Britney single.
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  8. Rolling Stone expecting me to spend any portion of my life on this earth reading 170 entries in a list penned entirely by Rob Sheffield about Britney Spears after he compared the drunk AutoTune on her leaked Telephone demo to Bob Dylan's use of the harmonica...sorry to this man.
  9. "I REALLY LIKE THIS BIG LETTER THING !!!" is sending me
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  10. I have information that could lead to the arrest of Rob Sheffield

  11. Not this four year old video going viral. Janet x Britney crossover is timeless though, so I’ll let it slide
  12. The older Rob gets the worse his takes get. Someone at Rolling Stone needs to tell him to hang it up cuz it's getting weird.
  13. Britney - Posts full caption dedicated to makeup and STILL (BIG LETTER THING) doesn't acknowledge her 'bestie' Billy B ddd
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  14. The 'Before The Goodbye' write-up is maddeningly inaccurate.
    'Tearjerker-ballad mode'? I -

    Rob's commentary that he doesn't like 'When I Found You' because the title is too similar to 'Now That I Found You' and that Britney probably couldn't tell the two songs apart is even more absurd.

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  15. I love that she is so aware of things that people say and always shades it in her own kind Britney way. Also the hypocrisy from some folks in regards to her beach body pics, is a joke.
  16. Can confirm. Blackout is THE album to listen to while baking chocolate orange brownies.
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  17. Also “When I Found You” is a 10, and “Now That I Found You” is unlistenable.
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  18. yeah

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