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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Fuck Robin Greenhill. True scum.
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  2. Hmm. Maybe a red carpet is on the way?
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  3. Obsessed with her smile in that. That big, genuine, beautiful Britney smile, I melt for. Beyond excited for everything coming her way.
  4. She’s glowinggggg
  5. Britney and Donatella serving like it's 2002
  6. I loooove her smile. She's so youthful and happy.
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  7. A wedding dress is way more likely.
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  8. She looks amazing. It could be wedding related or maybe that blind about a Versace campaign was true after all.
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  9. Imagine being Sam and being surrounded by so many legends.
  10. I definitely think a red carpet is likely with the Oscars in a couple of days. Plus it looks like there's a team of people behind them so it's not just a chit chat
  11. Her million dollar smile is back! It's honestly so beautiful seeing her this happy and free.
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  12. The fact that she is wearing two different tops makes me think there was some sort of fitting going on.
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  13. This is a case for the f̶b̶i̶ Britney Army

  14. Don't think this was posted, but it's such a great (albeit very long) rundown of Free Britney and how aspects of it devolved into the toxicity and delusion that we now dub "BAnon". Nice to know that there are other fans who are fed up with these people who were given a platform within the movement. It's certainly ruffled the feathers of those it takes aim at, mainly That Surprise Witness' dd

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  15. She's such a fashion icon in 2022. I love it. Does anyone know where is that second shirt from?
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  16. I think what a lot of fans have forgotten is that #FreeBritney ‘s origins were based on actual court documents and some reliable testimonies, not analyzing Instagram videos.
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  17. Well, this article is analyzing the origins of behaviors that have now become a larger issue within a very specific part of the fanbase. It's not suggesting that FreeBritney was born out of deconstructing her Instagram posts.
  18. Yeah, I meant that the current B-Anon now tends to use #FreeBritney as proof they were right when the original movement evolved from much more reliable sources than… whatever they’re doing now. A lot of the posts I’ve been seeing are genuinely worrying.
  19. Oh okay, yeah. Sorry I couldn’t figure out the tone of what you meant dd. But yeah I agree. I think what bothers me most aside from the obvious is that a lot of these people who have big platforms weren’t even fans until a couple years ago. They quite literally got interested in Britney because of the abuse she was dealing with. Some of them haven’t even heard a Britney album. It’s wild and suspicious to me, especially in light of that documentary that used Britney’s story to peddle Q conspiracies.
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