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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Hilarious unless it bites her in the ass. I worry when she does stuff like this because even though it's not her intention it does open her up to sexual harassment/misconduct lawsuits. If it were just her friends it's not an issue, but getting naked or topless in front of an employee creates some potential murky water.
  2. Dead

    Normani stanning. I can hear on a song like Early Mornin’, Touch of my Hand or And Then We Kiss
  3. She's absolutely right. It still triggers me A LOT how many people as talentless/puppet of producers and label, when in fact that's really not the case.
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  4. I am obsessed with this…
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  5. Normani loves some In the Zone, so I can see that. Their voices would go so well together.
  6. A follow-up to this - the judge did not rule on this and extended the hearing to... July.

    In this article you can read some of Lynne's arguments. Her counsel essentially credits her with the dissolution of the conservatorship. This family is so entitled it astounds me. They all need to go get fucking jobs.

  7. But why did it take 13 years for her mother to do anything? Honestly her family are all vile.
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  8. Time for Britney to kick her money-grabbing mother out of HER house.
  9. It feels so surreal that there was once a time that getting even a small honest paragraph from Britney on an IG caption was rare and unheard of. Let alone her speaking her mind in anything about her life, if it wasn't discussing her most recent career aspects
  10. Agreed. It’s been a slow and gradual process, but I was thinking the same just yesterday. As a Stan since Womanizer, peak standing being the Femme Fatale era, and following very tight lipped painful interview or appearnce, it’s wild to see her publishing this writing online, and posting these topless beach videos. Kind of amazing.
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  11. I was suspicious (weren’t we all?) during the Femme Fetale era that something wasn’t right. During the Circus era things seemed a little ‘off’ but I thought she was just being guarded as you would be after the shit she has been through. I guess when I actually took notice was when during her residency she talked of how holding the mic felt ‘illegal’.. and things just started to fall into place from there. Obviously none of us realized the true extent of how disgusting things had gotten, though.

    So happy to be able to see her being so open, though! I’m always excitedly waiting for her next post. Queen.
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  12. Yeah, I think a lot of fans felt something was really off at the start of Femme Fatale, but that kind of fell away when Britney started acting more like herself (or at least now we perceived her as) a couple months into it, then was doing X Factor, etc. We still heard about how controlling her team was in interviews and stuff, but we obviously never knew if they were acting on orders from her or what. I think the question about whether or not this was all necessary came up again during Glory after the LaChapelle mess and the thing about her bringing up the conservatorship at the Jonathan Ross taping, but Britney herself was on in a way we hadn’t seen from her in years, so, again, it felt like this was something she was generally fine with as we had been hearing from Team Con all this time. But now we know she was likely trying to prove herself capable to the court evaluating her, which kind of seems to be the case anytime she was really into it over the last 13 years, now that we know she was actively fighting this the entire time.
  13. In retrospect, you can also tell from the Femme Fatale tracks that she wasn’t really giving her best in the studio booth. The vocal she’s giving for a mid dance track like Everybody is a lot more dedicated than what she gave for a great pop song like Till the World Ends. On the other hand, it sometimes felt a bit of a parody of the nasally, baby voice like with Hold It Against Me. The Britney-ism of enunciating every syllable for dear life came back in full force for Glory.
  14. A lot of fans want to hear Brit talk about Original Doll in her book and I think it really wasn’t deep ddd those sessions eventually became Blackout and according to Danja, she was 100% onboard in the beginning.
  15. RMK


    She has enough to write about. I can't stop thinking about how her editor is going to have a field day (dd)
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  16. The Original Doll fan conspiracy theories are the bane of my existence.
  17. Still want to know who her ghost writer is.

    And that’s not a dig, by the way! 99% of celebrities use ghost writers for their memoirs.
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  18. Imagine her ghostwriters somehow mess up her message and she goes on instagram to lash out at them 10 months after the memoir has been out dddd
  19. Yeah I was told by a producer who was involved on Femme Fatale that Britney was great in the studio but very in and out. It did feel like she viewed her career as a 9 to 5 job at that point and with all that was going on behind the scenes I dont blame her. Glory was truly a career and artistic reawakening for her.
  20. This is a perfect, spot-on description of the vocal situation on that album. 99% of the album sounds like she was overdoing the Britney sound that she's known for only for it to end up being... a lot of moaning.
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