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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. It sometimes sounds like the producer haphazardly giving instructions of “Give me the signature Britney voice!” and her being like Ok, whatever here it is ddd kind of like how celebrities parodying her singing on …Baby One More Time and it not sounding like her at all.
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  2. Seal It With A Kiss is so popular within the fanbase and years ago, fans were saying it should've been lead single. Why?
  3. It never gets old seeing how respected and generally loved she is by so many people in the industry. Not everyone has that.

    I’d absolutely love for her, as shy as she is, to attend a big event or an awards ceremony, celebrating her life, her achievements and most importantly her freedom. She deserves that chance to bask in all the love and good will people have for her.

  4. The bottom walk when he walks away gets me every time.
  5. I think she flat out referred to her career as just a job at that point. She said her boys came first, which is understandable, but I think there were other reasons for that as well.
  6. Even at her artistic peak, Britney has always been consistent in saying she never looks at her career as her life, but it never stopped her from being passionate about it. Didn’t Bloodshy drop out of sessions with her during the Femme Fatale era out of dismay at her state?
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  7. I don’t think he dropped out of anything, just didn’t want to work with her/her team in the future.
  8. Yeah, I believe it was someone on this forum who interviewed them at the time. But they alluded to it a couple times since then as well.
  9. I can delete this if need be but...
    Sit on my face

    EDIT - I was a bit tipsy last night
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  10. Dancing around in a gilded cage was unfortunately such a perfect visual encapsulation of her life.

  11. I’m watching the VMAs 2007 and… it’s actually quite impressive that she pulled this off as a basically manager-less artist. Plus an artist where performing was very low on her list of priorities.

    Like, the whole thing is totally ‘fine’, the Elvis concept is cool, and it’s probably better than the FF promo performances that had the big team con machine and tonnes of money thrown at them.

    It’s also fascinating how pervasive the ‘she was supposed to wear a corset!!!’ rumour was. She clearly wasn’t, nor she should have because she looks absolutely stunning, and it’s culturally interesting how differently her body would have been spoken about in 2022.

    Sorry, just some redundant Sunday musings.
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  12. The 2007 VMAs was never actually that bad. The reaction, which was all too much and completely overblown, was a real reflection of the times and how misogyny ruled supreme.

    She was clearly nervous, and for good reason, but she had that Britney sparkle in her eyes and the way she performances, that was absent for so much of the conservatorship. Not to mention, the vast majority of her critics calling her ‘fat’ could only dream of looking as stunning as Britney did that night. She looked amazing.

    Was it polished perfection? Nope. But that’s part of the beauty of it. She was done with that bullshit. She was done being the American dream. She done being what people perceived of her as Britney Spears. And most importantly, she was in charge.

    We can only hope for another era, even if it’s a final swan song, where Britney is in control.
  13. I’m pretty sure she was supposed to wear a corset because it’s even in the video the choreographer posted with the stand in back in 2007, but it was taken off right after the “Trouble” intro as a ~reveal. The idea was probably nixed altogether in the final rehearsals at the venue because it honestly didn’t make a ton of sense to wear that for 15 seconds only to remove it. Especially since most of the intro was spent focused on her face.

    It’s unironically one of my fave performances of hers, though, because hair aside, I thought she looked amazing. And even watching the stand in’s rehearsal, there are some moves Britney hits much better in her performance.
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  14. It wasn’t as terrible as the media made it out to seem but it also looks better now because of the level of performances that followed, mainly in 2011. But back then Britney was thought of as one of the best live performers of all time who no matter what always turned it out on stage. So yeah seeing that performer stumble around on stage (literally) with bad hair extensions and a vacant look in her eyes was shocking. She did get it together by the middle and the the first dance break is actually a great moment but it’s still a bit uncomfortable to watch for me because it’s quite evident that she didn’t want to be on stage that night.

    This version cobbled together from all the rehearsals is a much more flattering portrayal and if anything her laissez-fair attitude goes with the song.

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  15. Yea... I'm not into the revisionism. It's not the worst performance in history by any means but it's also not good.
  16. Not him acting like he doesn't know it by heart and wouldn't remember it during hearing it.

    In other news, cute article:

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    So, so, so utterly happy for her and Sam! It’s all she wanted (apart from her freedom).
  18. Oh my God….If this is true and she isn’t playing a joke on us, I would be so happy for her!
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  19. OH MY GOD
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