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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Queen of giving some of the lesser known emojis the spotlight.
  2. The Someday promo, 17 entire years later I-
  3. I went to a Britney Spears themed brunch yesterday with an incredible tribute act. It was so nostalgic. She opened with the Work Bitch/Womanizer/Break The Ice/Piece Of Me from the residency and it just took me straight back to seeing Britney in Berlin.

    Hearing some deeper cuts play in the club really does remind you just how GOOD her discography is.
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  4. I've been thinking about Glory and it was criticized about the time about not really making as big a statement like the other pop girl albums at the time. Knowing that we now know, it seems more and more a liberation record, wasn't it (or as "liberated" she could be at the time)?

    The album revolves strongly around sexuality, which may not have been big news for a 34-year-old woman anymore, but preceding 2015, we definitely had a more "repressed" Britney when it came to sexuality. She would go on interviews and say, "I'm a Mom now and I'm not really like this!" when asked about Work Bitch. Her outfits for interviews and the first few Vegas legs were a lot more covered up. Her dedication to sing about sex and partying on Femme Fatale and Britney Jean was very frequently half hearted. In spite of her image insisting she was this sexy, powerful woman, we know that behind the scenes her father was calling her a whore and she was being force fed Lou Taylor's brand of "Christian" values.

    Some time in 2015, something definitely shifted. She became more comfortable both off and onstage. The Vegas revamp happened and songs like Breathe On Me and Touch of My Hand were on the playlist! And I'm not suggesting that showing skin always equals female empowerment, but it seems pretty clear now that it is something like that to her, and it started around that time.

    And so I view Glory in that lens. It reflected a 34-year-old's woman confidence that yes, she is a Mom now, yes, she's a devout Christian, but she can still be sexy and own it without feeling ashamed. You can hear that newfound belief in herself all over the record.
  5. I feel so sorry for her having to sing about going to clubs and having fun and meeting guys and doing all those things other people her age take for granted, when it was clearly so far from the reality her father allowed her.
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  6. Vanessa Hudgens serving Piece of Me tour at Coachella yesterday.

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  7. Who told Chloe Fineman her Britney impression was a good, funny bit? I'd like to talk.
  8. I struggle to understand people who find SNL funny....
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  9. When you have to literally say who you are impersonating you have failed.
  10. Vanessa Hudgens surfacing for Coachella is like Michael Buble surfacing for Christmas.
  11. We love to see it.

  12. This is probs way old for you hardcores however this regularly appears on my TikTok feed and I absolutely love it! Her reaction
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  13. Wearing one of Britney's Vegas outfits, too. A true stan!
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  14. I like that different Britney songs are iconic for different generations. An icon for all ages!
  15. Ok but iconic.

  16. Legitimately happy she is acknowledging this time in her life. Here's to the healing journey!
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  17. Well that’s certainly a post we would never see in the conservatorship days. I wonder if she looks back at those years a bit fonder now….
  18. It would be such a power move for her to reclaim the narrative of that time period.
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