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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The thing is she clearly states in every post that she took these pictures while on holiday (in a very warm climate) and was feeling good about her body.

    A good if not obvious analogy for her behaviour is like a caged animal, once it's let out it's wary of course but it needs to explore, relearn and not be confined. Britney has not had any freedom of her mind or her body, so if expressing herself like this and with the book is a healing thing for her then that's incredible. It's her fucking body!

    Honestly I think most of it comes from jealousy because she looks incredible and 99% of us wish we had the balls to post pictures like this.
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  2. I can’t even look in the mirror with my shirt off and this queen is proudly showing off her body for the world to see. I live. I want her confidence.
  3. Such double standards. No one will be questioning if the other modern day talentless starlets (Kardashians) are ok if they were to post something like that.
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  4. We don't have to insult other women to support Britney.
  5. The way it's worded also insinuates Britney herself is talentless nn
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  6. Well at least some people seem to be getting the problem. It's unfortunate that a direct comparison needs to be drawn to illustrate the point, but the difference and hypocrisy really is striking.

  7. Nothing has changed.
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  8. Me whenever "the final version will be better" was the same as the leak.
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  9. Me @ the U.S. Politics thread
  10. The way her team played us with 3 consecutive lead single leaks back then dddd
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  11. I had a cute Britney moment today. I was in a 15 places bus in Perú to go to a canyon and Baby One More Time came out of the speakers. Literraly everyone sang along. Iconic
  12. I swear to god the comments on her Instagram make me wish for whatever happened to the dinosaurs to happen to humans.

  13. Why is this the best pop song of all time. People with taste get it.
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  14. Womanizer is a good composition but the execution...what a sloppy production.
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  15. People with bad taste nn.
  16. Womanizer is cute. Not her best, not her worst.
  17. I used to really dislike Womanizer but warmed up to it in recent years.
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  18. Womanizer is not even her best song starting with W
  19. Where Are You Now is indeed better.
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  20. I watched Senior Year today and had no idea there was going to be this Britney song featured, I thought Rebel did really well and it was funny:
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