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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Womanizer is amazing and it was the perfect comeback single.
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  2. At the time I wasn’t that into Womanizer but I have come to appreciate her vocals on it. They seem a little less processed and deeper. Also love the attitude that she serves on it.
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  3. It would've been a moment if Britney had made a cameo in that scene which was essentially a dream sequence, but either way it was well done I thought.

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  4. And aged so good. What a song!
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  5. Um, Womanizer is an absolute behemoth of a pop song?! I'm so surprised some people don't like it.
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  6. The hype around the Womanizer release was insane. In fact the whole build up to Circus and the tour was too. Every release / video / interview / promo performance had so much hype and press leading up to it. Such an exciting time for little 13 year old me.
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  7. Me when Worn To Make You Happy comes on:

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  8. I feel so bad.

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  9. God I am so sorry for Britney. I wish her and Sam space and time to heal. So sad.
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  10. I am so heartbroken for both her and sam. Why does the universe always work against this incredible woman? I hope she’s getting all the love and support she deserves at this time.
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  11. God this is truly devastating.
  12. I’m so heartbroken for both Britney and Sam. Gosh.
  13. Ugh how awful for them.
  14. Don’t have words. She deserves the world… how devastating!
  15. I’m devastated for them. Could this be the reason the other week for the social media break?
  16. I literally dropped to my knees and started crying for her. I really hope she has a good support system around her.
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  17. Didn’t she just refer to being pregnant a few days ago? I think she was on a break before because she had been traveling.
  18. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I'm sending her all my love and support through the universe. Hang in there, Brit.
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  19. Ahh true
  20. Oh no. That's heartbreaking.
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