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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. God bless her, truly.
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  2. We know this is something that she's wanted for years. I'm devastated for her.
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  3. The fact she actually mentions in that post about the possibility they announced the pregnancy too early hurts my heart.
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  4. So devastated for them.
  5. Awful. My heart goes out to them.
  6. I am at loss for words.
  7. Ugh I feel awful for them. Hoping she has a great support system around to help her get through this and they can try again.
  8. I can’t imagine what she and Sam are going through after wanting to have a baby for so long. It seems so unfair that they were finally able to start a family and then having it taken away from them. Britney has shown resilience beyond measure throughout her life and I’m sure that this won’t deter them from continuing to try
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  9. I really hope for their sake that this isn’t the end of their dream of having a baby as it’s clearly something she really wants. To think she could have tried much sooner had it not been for the conservatorship.
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  10. Gosh, how awful. Hope Britney and co are coping as well as they can manage. What terrible news.
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  11. I've had a miscarriage, and it's a really horrible experience. It messed me up for years and in my case it was not even a planned pregnancy. Also at her age her reproductive health will be precarious at best. I'm trying not to be too graphic because I know this forum is mostly men, but the early effects of menopause approaching were evident in my case at that age. So I'm definitely thinking of her today.
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  12. I hope there isn't a darker reason to why this has happened. Sending love her way as it must be tough for her right now.
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  13. I hope she's able to explore other options if she's unable to do this naturally. She's been robbed of so much it makes me physically sick when I think about it.
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  14. The comments under her latest Instagram post je téléphone á la police.

    I swear it’s the same people constantly sitting there and waiting for her next post so they can be “concerned” about her.
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  15. Unfortunately, some of them are those who screamed FreeBritney the loudest, excpecting she'll start whipping out bops THE MOMENT she's actually free.
  16. I was checking the comments on her insta and it's super sad and mean. People think she has a problem but in reality they are the problem and are ctuel. For God's sake let people live and post whatever they want on social.

    But sadly she can't win. Whatever she's doing she will be criticize and showed irrespect. She doesn't deserve that.
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  17. It's actually not those kind of fans spamming her with negativity from the horrific comments I've seen?

    The negative responses are usually people in their mid-30s or older, who seemingly only follow her to feign concern and post 'is she OK guys?' or 'this isn't NORMAL, she clearly needs HELP!' over every piece of content she shares. It's gross and it really needs to stop.
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  18. Yeah, it’s definitely the Karens and Incel Chads with private accounts and 15 followers being annoying most of the time.
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  19. It really doesn’t matter if it’s Zoomers who claim an exact historic knowledge of her career despite 3 being the first single of her’s they can truly remember or soccer moms and gay men who work in PR who bought Baby One More Time as their first record with their own money, she’s the original parasocial queen and it’s so frustrating, because if anything, the most consistent Britney’s been throughout her public life is in her want to be treated normally and have her privacy respected.
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