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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Off topic, but the way the freeBritney legal YouTubers fully pivoted to tearing Amber Heard apart as their full time job because it was even more profitable is... truly depressing.
  2. As my handle suggests, I'm as big a stan as it gets and I honestly don't care if she never makes music again. I don't think it's likely because she obviously loves to create, perform..etc and has bills, a lifestyle to maintain..etc but I have no expectations. She deserves her life and happiness on her terms and doesn't owe us a damn thing.
  3. The mad thing is that part of me is always craving new Britney music/content but then I go to YouTube and re-watch one of her iconic VMA performances, the BBMA Medley or fun interviews she's done over the years and I feel so nourished and I'm like 'ugh, I stan a legend, huh?!'. It's like she's given her entire life to us so she's given us more than enough to live on even if she's inactive professionally. As we all keep saying in here, she just deserves to live her best life whether that's being an active popstar or not.
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  4. Is it SupriseWitness? Because that would not surprise me.
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  5. My spirit feels lighter and I genuinely laugh and smile now and my eyes are hungry for more each day ... I want to share my story for one reason and one reason only ... to let people know you're not alone and trust me I KNOW if you're going through something and you feel so distant from everything ... it's hard to confront your mind and say ... oh you're not alone ... it's easier said than done, but I need to share through it all .. my subconscious knew it was gonna be ok. The spirit within me that told me to keep moving forward and it was all I had ... it's what I hung onto !!! Although it was hard as hell I got through it !!! And the one thing I wish someone would have told me is 'you are not alone' ... my fans showed me so much love and assertiveness through it all their hearts knew and there's not a single day that goes by that I'm not aware of that and I'm so grateful to have my fans.

  6. Her first album to cross the billion streams mark.

    19 years after its release. A timeless classic!

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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I think this makes sense though, as terrible as that sounds.

    People employ feminism and equal rights when it's often in defense of things that they personally believe in. Many people have nostalgic, childhood ties to their consumption of Britney. They can't divorce themselves from understanding concepts of rights/justice in abstract terms versus concrete ones. Even in this thread we have multiple people that uphold "Britney's right to be a woman and have rights!" who will then denigrate and drag other women to make their point - because they grew up with Britney, they have childhood memories of "she helped me find my gayness", and that somehow means that they have some personally-developed delusion of involvement in her business.

    A lot of people only "have stakes" in social justice when it serves their long-held consumption of media, of fame, of celebrity. I'm not saying it's everybody, but even here we've had people call Xtina a "cunt". People also call the Kardashians unkind names in defense of Britney, and an oft-banned user with a username from Circus goes out of their way to be unpleasant in other ways to prop up Brit. You can't pick and choose activism. It's weird as queer people to see that some of you think only that certain people deserve rights/full consideration of their pain, when even just 30-40 years ago, hospitals, governments, and politicians would have watched you die and not have thought twice.

    Definitely gross, but like I said...not surprising.
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  8. I hope being able to go to Vegas and actually enjoy Vegas was healing for her.
  9. Cade is sooo cute
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  10. Okay I need to vent and please let me just get this off my chest because I’m still annoyed.

    My spin teacher today at the gym, who plays a lot of Britney during class so I naturally assumed was a RESPECTFUL stan, called Britney a “total loon” today and I may have overreacted but I don’t care.

    Just as he started playing Till The World Ends he turned the music low and asked the class if anyone follows Britney on Insta and proceeded to say she’s nuts on there, posing nude and doing “weird” videos about her therapist.

    The music was still fairly low as this point as he was prepping the whole class for the sprint we were going to do on the bikes. I loudly said “it’s quite hypocritical of you to shame Britney for posing nude when you’re constantly talking to us about getting “beach body ready” not to mention misogynistic and calling her a loon is extremely gross and offensive.” I didn’t mean to make the whole class awkward but I didn’t care. He then said “Oh I was just joking!” I rolled my eyes and said “it wasn’t funny.” Then someone on the bike next to me said to chill out and I told them to fuck off under my breath.

    The spin teacher then did the usual “okay anyway back to the sprint we’re doing..” and turned the music back up and got on with the class.

    I don’t know why his comment irked me but it fucking did. And I’m low key proud that I said something even if the rest of the class now think I’m weird. I guess I won’t be going back to his spin class anytime soon! It’s a shame because I always enjoyed his class. Sigh.
  11. I get the sense your spin teacher clearly didn't like Britney and when you argued back, they go to the classic line of 'I was joking'. Like no you weren't.

    I would change spin classes, no need to put up with that.
  12. It says way more about the person themselves when they call Britney “crazy”. Tell me you’re a misogynistic prick without telling me you’re one.
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  13. No you should keep going to this exact class to embarass him each time he sees you and make him check himself before saying stuff like that in the open public. I'd even make a complaint with the gym tbh.
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  14. Not someone talking about her like it's 2007. Gross. Do check him every time you can.
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  15. You were 100% right to do this. I was watching some random gossipy television show in my country the other day and they did a piece on her Instagram and said bluntly that she is "completely crazy" and "needed the conservatorship". I started fuming so hard, I almost used my LANDLINE to call them up and cuss them out. I naturally made a twitter post about it on their hashtag. I cannot fathom what seems so "crazy" about a nude post when ALL celebrities do it and an obviously comedic video about being forced to therapy sessions she didn't want. Britney has been making these videos for 15 years at least. At least do your fucking homework and stop attacking women for trying to live their life and process their trauma. Insensitive assholes.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That takes a lot of guts, but what's also important is that unless a lot of people saying these things are confronted, they'll go unchecked. Sure it's uncomfortable but they don't deserve comfort for being shitty.
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  17. That reminded me of the time when someone in my local pub called Britney a "nutcase" and I cursed them out about it and they ended up getting kicked out because they said a slur back to me. I later found out they were the church ministers husband ddd.
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  18. I always stand up for my girlies... my boyfriend is always nervous when we're with new people and Madonna, Gaga, Britney etc come up dd.
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