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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. It is telling how easily she's labeled as unwell instead of, say, eccentric, authentic, or creative. Also kinda interesting to me that someone like Cher is just as random/authentic but doesn't get a tenth of the flak.
  2. Thanks everyone for reassuring me that I didn’t do the most or overreact given the situation. I am happy I checked him there and then. Things are awkward now at the gym but it’s worth it for defending my fave!!!!

    Talk shit (about Britney), get hit (with the actual facts!!)
  3. Britney coming back to Vegas, after she revolutionized the residency model, this time on her own terms? We’d love to see it.

  4. "The Sun...."

  5. I wonder if she just saw Abel and Sam Levinson out or if it was a planned meeting? They are reshooting The Idol...
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  6. She looks so damn good and fresh.
  7. Everybody moved
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  8. Manifesting Britishney making a comeback on a Gasoline remix
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  9. The idea of Britney getting back into acting gives me trepidation only because her last several appearances were sort of hammy. Crossroads and her SNL appearances showed great promise but so much since has been sort of big smiles and over exaggerated facial expressions.
  10. Abel looks so good, Lorde.

    Regarding The Sun, I don’t doubt a lot of the hotels there tried reaching out to her. From her Instagram, she still seems so jaded by the industry, though.
  11. Yeah, they were on set of The Idol. Cameo?

  12. For a second I thought the other guy next to her was Kevin Federline.
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  13. I got way less interested in that show when they got rid off the woman director and some cast members because Abel felt the show was leaning too much on the “female perspective”. But maybe a Britney cameo will do the trick.
  14. Vicky has been a close friend of Sam for years. Hopefully we get a cameo or something.
  15. Was it not rumoured a while ago she was going to be in The Idol? I took this as confirmation…
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  16. The Idol sounds like shit but if Britney cameos I hope she has fun with it.
  17. Well done! Work B.

    This is very me at a party. I'm genuinely surprised and saddened the commentary is right back to square one regarding Britney - genuinely thought we'd made some improvements there, both culturally and in response to her situation. Apparently not.

    The nudity thing is especially absurd, and I'd purport that the 'crazy' ones are the ones that take issue with Britney Spears (THE Britney Spears) being naked but when Rihanna has a topless front cover, or Gaga gets her tits our on her documentary, have no issue. "What's the difference when I do it?" - Britney Spears, 2003.
  18. Just having a listen to Amnesia - why isn’t this on streaming on the UK. It’s one of her best.
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  19. Need to hear this

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