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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. On one hand, awesome. On the other hand... my God she has other songs than Toxic, people.
  2. I mean, that is a beautiful ass.
  3. That music video can be added to the moments in my life where I was confused about liking both boys and girls.
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  4. I was so, so confused.
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  5. Introduced my eldest daughter to Britney today on a road trip. Took her out of school because of the shootings (we live in the states) and we had a father / daughter bonding day. Put on a Britney playlist I'd made on my phone and we listened to a collection of stuff from her entire career. I may be a straight man but I don't believe in limiting to what you listen to because of others opinions. Good music is good music. Plus, I've been doing this thing of introducing her to strong women artists that she can look up to since she's almost 6 and about of that age where she can understand this type of stuff. Afterward, she demanded I replay it from the start and had already started learning the words.

    My job is done.
  6. Yes, Pez!

    Also, justice for My Prerogative. Underrated banger.
  7. This is my first time seeing this, ddd. I honestly never recalled this scene yet people were always talking about it. I was always confused.

    Maybe it’s because I just didn’t find him attractive because I was out by that time.
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  8. How do we secure tickets to watch Rosengart interrogating Jamie

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  9. She looks great.

  10. 12 year old me will never forget THAT ass.
  11. Cade should just become her manager. She seems to genuinely trust him (for good reason) and we all know he has her best interests at heart.
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  12. BBC is airing a Britney special tomorrow night

    "She’s been one of the world’s most successful and talked about performers of the century, and last year’s triumph of the #FreeBritney campaign means she’s still relevant more than two decades after she first grabbed our attention.

    Her explosive arrival on the music scene aged just 16 made Britney a frequent visitor to some of TV’s biggest shows, and here we’ve captured the biggest and best of those performances, with hits including Crazy, Overprotected, Toxic and Oops! I Did it Again. So, why not join us and revisit her best BBC moments One More Time?"
  13. When I tell you I would rewatch this over and over as a 12 year old boy. Ffffff is right!
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  14. What the ever loving heck!
    This woman does NOT age!! She's always has, and always will be beautiful. Truly.
    That mascara does no favors for many people. But that's not the point. The point is, happiness looks so good on her. God I'm so happy she's happy. So much life in those eyes.
  15. Britney fans' ability to match her exact facial expressions to ones from 20 years ago is unmatched.
  16. Singing live on Britney at the BBC?
  17. Sounded like it to me on that performance of ...Baby
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  18. There’s quite a few live performances in this, she did quite a few in the early days!
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  19. She did tend to sing live vocals early on in her career.
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