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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I just fell in love with her all over again watching those performances.
  2. I think they had a rule at TOTP at the time that artists had to sing live. Mel Blatt mentioned it in last week's episode.
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  3. Early 90s yes but by the time Britney started appearing the mandatory live vocal rule had gone and it was personal choice to sing live or mime. Also the ...Baby performance used was from the National Lottery, not TOTP. The TOTP performance was in the Biggest Hits 1999 compilation show and was definitely mimed
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  4. There's also this one with a different outfit

  5. Can catch the BBC special here, while you can.

    Edit: The S Club 7 drag at the beginning...

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  6. Queen of bailing on plans last minute, she’s so me, etc.
  7. Was she supposed to be singing the verses live for the BOMT lottery performance? The volume of her vocal in the verses sounded way to low, so wonder if she was supposed to sing live over the track?
  8. Blue Peter seemed to, oddly, have a policy of making everyone sing live for several years, with only the occasional exception! I don't remember the Lottery having the same rule - though I think Britney sang live quite a lot all around the world in those early days, so it may have been her personal choice to do it where possible.
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  9. That's interesting they did that, I was never a Blue Peter viewer so those performances were new to me.
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  10. That was such a trip down memory lane. The nostalgia!

    I've always adored her vocals in that Sometimes performance, she sounds so dreamy.

    *heart eyes emoji*

  11. This is great pop music
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  12. The way she keeps spamming us with Instagram notifications
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  13. I’m watching loads of Britney performances on YouTube this evening for the sake of it and my goddddd the way I’m still getting chills from these 20+ year old performances. An EYEEEEEEEEEEEECON!!!!!

    I feel bad for people who were too young or not even born at the time of the 2003 VMA performance. Talk about breaking the internet before it was even a thing.
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  15. Every time she mentions the meet & greets, I feel even more guilty about mine that I have framed
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  16. He


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  17. Meet and greets do sound awful. Hundreds of strangers touching you and coming into your personal space whilst you have to force yourself to appear happy... I'm sure it's so weird for Britney (and anyone)
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  18. I think it’s probably less about the Meet & Greets themselves, and more about the fact that if the fan side was so regimented and controlled, probably so was Britney’s, down to what she was wearing and how she was supposed to interact with people.

    She’s been extremely appreciative toward her fan base since the conservatorship ended, but there’s always going to be a lot of nuance packed into what she’s been through.
  19. Same. I just remember having such a cool conversation with her and everything. She was really in a good mood our night. And she signed my photo a few weeks after. Ugh. I feel like crap every time I think about what she went through.
  20. Fe mentioned that she was oftentimes stressed about something before the Meet & Greets, and her mood would bleed into it. As mentioned, the environment was probably extremely controlled and well, maybe she sometimes just wasn't in the mood to meet fans. There have been a lot of random selfies she did with fans who just met her on vacation, where she looked a lot more comfortable than on the Meet & Greets, though.
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