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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    I mean, going off this thread alone... I wouldn't feel comfortable meeting fans either.
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  2. I've done loads of M&G with big pop girls and usually the mood is great, at Britney's it was last minute (showtime was 9:00 and at 9:35 we still hadn't met her), there was loads of security (at Gaga's it was just one guy dd), her kids were there in the room (a distraction for her probably?), it was a great summery day abroad she probably preferred to spend with her kids outside (we then saw pap pics they did do some sightseeing), there was the drama with Sam not making it abroad in the end... like, M&Gs are awkward but hers really had lots of negatives on top. I really think with a new team and on her terms she wouldn't mind meeting people now that she's acknowledged how fans helped her case.
  3. Sorry for double post but WHY did I think this was Britney and didn't even realise after I saw it again.

  4. It's giving miss DaVID La Chapelle Make Me 10 minute film~ outtake lol like those swimsuits with the jaguars and the orangetheory fitness Sony 4k TVs in the Vegagas suburbs.
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  5. For all we know about her as a person, she could hate the idea of charging fans a fortune to see her?
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  6. On top of everything already said, it looks like she's more confortable to meet a few fans together instead of the rushing 40 people she had per night with whom she spent only 10 sec.

    I do recall a short video in Asia with few fans where she was glowing and also a nice m&g group picture in Tel Aviv.
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  7. I mean people always used to bring up that it was pretty weird that Britney did Meet & Greets considering her many public statements on her shyness and insecurity about being around new people. And most of the pictures do kind of....speak for themselves. I'm sure she enjoyed meeting some fans but it's also pretty likely that it's not something she would opt for if given the choice.
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  8. So, MUNA has just released a cover of Sometimes and I love it.

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  9. What did she say about the meet and greets? The post is gone.
  10. The audio mixing for this show was abysmal. It's like they just muted her track during all the choruses for every song and all you hear is the background vocalists.
  11. I have always been convinced they did that to try and make it sound at least somewhat live as there weren't any pre-recorded vocals for this show.
  12. I believe there are two versions of the Miami show. The first airing, which featured more live vocals and more crowd noise, and the second airing which was dubbed.

  13. The second airing had the better mix of sound, even though they dubbed “Shadow”
  14. Wait, this goes off a bit more than it should.
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  15. Is this a safe space to admit that the Toxic Glee cover is actually excellent?

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  16. No.
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  17. The only Britney Glee cover that's actually decent:
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  18. Lea Michele may be an awful person, but let's not pretend this doesn't slap:

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