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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Stop (clap emoji) reappraising (cascade of tears emoji) Glee.
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  2. I don’t care it’s from a Bratz or a Barbie movie. This song is so beautiful. One of the best ballads of her career.

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  3. No, that's not it.

    But. I've always thought the idea of a 'Britney' performance igniting a sexual riot was kind of clever for fully leaning into Britney as our best pop provocateur. Of course, the execution was sloppy, annoying, and gross in the way only Glee could manage, but some writer, somewhere, at least wanted to do her justice.
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  4. @Stopremix and I just get it, I see.
    She was a bit past that point in her sexiness being controversial, but I always thought it was a reference to the very real phenomena of parents blaming Britney for their kids possibly turning hypersexual in the early 2000s.

    Another TV show that I always remember captured what Britney represented in youth culture and the conversations she caused in families was this Lizzie McGuire reference.

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  5. Lizzie McGuire both genuinely reflected and influenced youth culture of the Zoog Disney era.

    Glee was approved by a collective clerical error, forcing people to tolerate Lea Michele, learn vintage pop hits in the most strident key possible, and give living nightmare Matthew Morrison a platform. Only Sue may survive.
  6. Yes. Iconic. A classic.
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  7. If we are talking Glee, Heather Morris aka Brittany doing Slave 4 U was amazing to watch. The cover was ok, but the performance was top notch.

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  8. I hate every single Britney cover I've ever heard ddd.
  9. I mean, Britney’s version wasn’t from the Bratz movie but it is weird she still went through with releasing it despite it already existing.
  10. Never heart the Bratz version but I was surprised when I heard such a moody song originated in a kids film. Great ballad though.
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  11. No one but die hard Britney fans even know an earlier version of Out From Under exists. I wrote the Britney Fan Rulebook and we don’t acknowledge it as a cover song. It is a Britney song. And it is a good one.
  12. It goes together with Man On The Moon. Very filmy songs. Cute ones for sure.

  13. Dancing to Janet once again. I love my two mothers.
  14. Not me thinking she was talking about Kelly

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  15. I definitely thought it was Kelly but it makes zero sense
  16. Hmm. That's a tricky one because Kelly's generally a sweetheart, stans her and was fairly young and new to the industry at the time, but she didn't really handle that in the best way, either.
  17. She didn't just say it out of nowhere, the host of that radio show said he thought Britney was putting on an act.

  18. Kelly was in her edgy era.
  19. Kelly did nothing wrong. Britney seems to think everyone had insider knowledge and knew what was going on. There is loads of people she could be dragging and chose that?
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